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Rich White Lady from the Marina Times, Susan Dyer Reynolds, Calls for Bicycle Commuter Licensing and Insurance

Friday, July 6th, 2012

You know, because of the Chris Bucchere thing.

Here it is, or a part of it, anyway:

“With huge numbers of people biking to work on a daily basis, it may be time to look into licensing commuter bicyclists so they must take the same DMV tests motorcyclists and motorists take to ensure that they know the laws. It also seems that offenders should face some of the same punishments motorcyclists and motorists face, like points against their license. And if they’re going to be commuters, thus increasing the chances of accidents on city streets, perhaps they should also have to carry insurance. I’m not advocating these measures for the person who bikes through Golden Gate Park recreationally, one or two Sundays a month; but for everyday commuters, I think it makes sense.”

Oh, hold on, this post will need a photo.

Type Marina District into the Google, and this is what you’ll get:

Hair lightened and teeth whitened – I’ll have to try that one of these days. 

Now, where was I? Oh yes, uh, I seriously kind of don’t think you can require licensing and insurance for people who go to work on a bike and not for the people who go about solely in Golden Gate Park.

And points at the DMV, well, that would seem to penalize those with driver licenses more than those without, capiche? 

And Davis, CA? Is that our lodestar now, law enforcement-wise, rich white Marina Lady?

OK fine: 

Via Louise Macabitas

I drink your milkshake, Susan Dyer Reynolds!

I drink it up!

P.S.: I’m Brown Larry Bird/ You’re the ’97 Celtics

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Shyster’s Comment: Does Berkeley Require Registration and Licensing of Bicyclists? No

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

If you’d like, head on over to Robert “Don’t Call Him Crazy Rob” Anderson’s District 5 Diary, which has this bit about how Berkeley and other California cities “require registration and licensing of bicyclists.” The problem with that is that Berkeley licenses bicycles, not bicyclists. And the primary reason California carved out a special law for cities to implement has to do with the recovery of stolen bikes.

That’s something to ponder before people use Berkeley’s law to call for a “state campaign to require bicycles and bicyclists to be tested, registered, insured and licensed and pay appropriate fees for this regulatory service.”

Old bike messengers never die, they just age gracefully. Like this fellow with an old bike messenger license plate, as recently seen on Market Street. Keep on keeping on, man!

IMG_9963 copy

Click to expand

Of course you can call for cyclists or pedestrians or any group of people you don’t like to be licensed and insured, blah blah blah. But let’s be more precise, why not?

[UPDATE: Uh oh, it seems Crazy Rob (check his very own website, that’s what people call him) has started using the majestic plural, the royal we. Never a good sign. But at least he shows he understands the error he made. Applied knowledge, baby – catch it! And now he is (or rather, they are, sorry Your Crazy Majesty) calling for licensing of bikes AND bike riders. And why not license pedestrians as well, while “we’re” at it? The World Wonders.]

[UPDATE II: Note Crazy Rob’s impatience upon realizing his pearls of wisdom wouldn’t get put up on this small corner of the Internet immediately. Sorry CR, but I don’t operate this site 24/7 – sometimes I’m off assisting “Wheezy” at the Help Center.]