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Video: Bill O’Reilly Offers to Run for Mayor of San Francisco on a Ticket with Jeff Adachi

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

This video speaks for itself. (Not sure that San Francisco has an office entitled “Vice-Mayor,” but realize that this whole deal is coming from the same guy who avoids the Safest Neighborhood in San Francisco due to concerns over personal safety. Also, Bill claims he’s visited San Francisco “hundreds of times.” I’ll bet you a loofah he’s exaggerating a skosh.)

Bonus: Take a look and see if San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi is in favor of prosecuting people who try to buy hamsters or Coca Colas.

Will Jeff Adachi be the Mayor of San Francisco come January 2012?


San Francisco MUNI Bus: “No GOD? …No Problem!”

Monday, December 28th, 2009

An ad for the American Humanist Association rolling up Market Street:

Click to expand

It’s all a part of a “national godless holiday campaign.”

Bill O’Reilly is not amused: “Why do the loathe the baby Jesus? …You don’t sell atheism by running down a baby!”

Oh well.

Humanists Launch First-Ever National Godless Holiday Campaign

For Immediate Release

Humanists Launch First-Ever National Godless Holiday Campaign

(Washington, D.C., November 23, 2009) Celebrating a new kind of holiday tradition, the American Humanist Association has launched a new advertising campaign similar to the one that ran in the nation’s capital last year, which made headlines around the globe. Only this year, instead of the campaign focusing on a single location, ads will be blazoned across transit systems in five cities–including Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco–marking the first-ever nation-wide humanist holiday advertising campaign.

“No God?…No Problem!” proclaim the ads, featuring an image of several smiling, Santa hat-clad individuals. The ads will kick off in Washington, D.C. in time for Thanksgiving weekend, running inside 200 buses, fifty rail cars and on the side or tail of twenty buses. The campaign will continue with ads appearing on select buses in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco starting in early December.

To see images of the ads and find more information about the campaign please visit:

Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association, explained, “We’re hoping this campaign will build awareness about the humanist movement and our ethical life philosophy–particularly among the ‘nones:’ the rapidly growing percentage of people who claim no religion.”

Since 2005, humanist advertising has become increasingly visible, in particular with highway billboards erected in major cities across the United States. And last year, the American Humanist Association sparked national controversy by advertising the slogan “Why Believe in a God? Just be Good for Goodness’ Sake,” which appeared on Washington, D.C. Metro buses.

This year’s holiday campaign aims to promote the idea of being good without God. For example, on D.C. ads that appear on the interior of Metro cars and buses the slogan is accompanied by the explanation, “Be Good for Goodness’ Sake. Humanism is the idea that you can be good without a belief in God.”

“Humanists have always understood that striving to make the world a better place is one of humanity’s most important responsibilities,” said Speckhardt. “Religion does not have a monopoly on morality–millions of people are good without believing in God.”

Speckhardt pointed to the false assumption held by many that not believing in God indicates a lack of morality as the reason for needing such advertising campaigns. “We want to change the way people think and talk about nontheists, and to pave the way for acceptance of humanism as a valid and positive philosophy of life.”

“We also want nontheists to know there is a community of like-minded individuals out there they can connect with,” continued Speckhardt. “Many feel uncomfortable talking openly about their personal beliefs because of prejudice against them–they fear they’ll be rejected by their family, their friends and their community, and in some cases, they even fear retaliation for their beliefs. But the American Humanist Association provides an accepting community for nontheists to turn to for support and ways to get involved.”

Speckhardt noted that the response to nontheist advertising is generally positive, although there have been a few confined instances of negative reactions against them. Most notable include a Cincinnati Coalition of Reason billboard that had to be relocated after the owner of the billboard property claimed to receive threats and an American Humanist Association billboard in Moscow, Idaho that was vandalized twice in a three week period.

“We understand our message may seem controversial to some, but it certainly isn’t our purpose to offend anyone,” concluded Speckhardt. “Of course, it’s obvious that many people are also good with a belief in God, so I hope we can all find common ground.”

# # #

The American Humanist Association ( advocates for the rights and viewpoints of humanists. Founded in 1941 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., its work is extended through more than 100 local chapters and affiliates across America.

Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism, affirms our responsibility to lead ethical lives of value to self and humanity.

San Francisco’s Coit Tower is Just Like the Statue of Liberty

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

San Francisco’s Coit Tower is just like the Statue of Liberty, in the sense that you can get up top and look through the windows. You see? They have the same shape

This is the view that you’ll get from the top.

The people up there look like little ants scrambling around, huh? Click to expand:

Get up there soon as famous Action Consumer Troubleshooter (and Harvard-grad) Bill O’Reilly wants it to be blown up, apparently.

Wouldn’t that be FOXtastic?

Why is Bill O’Reilly So Afraid of San Francisco’s Presidio?

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Check the now infamous Bill O’Reilly / Fox News video of San Francisco. Says Bill, in the context of personal safety:

O’REILLY:No, you wouldn’t go to the Presidio at night in San Francisco. I wouldn’t.”  

Check out the white zone up by the Golden Gate Bridge here. That’s the Presidio – it’s completely surrounded by low-crime white millionaire neighborhoods. Perhaps the famous Google Street View Car Incident from earlier this year ranks as the most noteworthy crime in the Presidio in recent memory.

The scariest thing ever in the Presidio seen at night – old school Halloween decorations near Arguello:

Click to expand.

Now, it’s easy to see why Bill might not like the official street signs of Presidio Boulevard, but would that sight prevent him from completing an evening constitution? Or maybe Bill confused this park with another? Golden Gate Park has it’s share of dangerous foxes, coyotes and feral cats.

That must be it. Otherwise, one might think old Bill doesn’t know what he’s talking about.