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Traffic Signal-Nesting Pigeon Family Will Surely Change Your Prejudice About Flying Rats

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Here’s a scene from my third trip (and counting, there’ll be more) up and down Market today – it seems the traffic signal-loving rock doves of Mid-Market are actually members of yet another young family trying to make a go of it in the big city. They’re nesting up there.

The Almost-Famous Pigeon Family of Market Street (Familia Casi-Famosa de la Paloma de Calle de Mercado, mas o menos) just might change how you think about rock pigeons. Be sure to look up at the Mason Street signal the next time you illegally proceed up Market Street in your private car.

The amber light has the young-uns along with one of the parents while the red and green lights serve as perches for the other parent.

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Bon Courage, Rock Pigeon Family.

San Francisco’s Traffic Signals are Now Overrun with Resident Pigeons

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Is this piece of street furniture on Market Street a traffic signal or a pigeon coop?

As seen betwixt Fifith and Sixth Streets with the Gap building behind:

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You’d think a simple pigeon guard could keep these boids out...