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The End of “Battery Construction 129” in the Marin Headlines – The Feds are Closing Down Underground Hangout

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Battery 129 near Hawk in Hill in the Marin Headlands used to be a place where you could hang out and live and drink beer and do your cave art, but no more, since the Feds are shutting it down, per the Marin IJ

The place is big:

Via Juicyrai

Oh well.

Good-bye Battery Construction 129.

ObamaNos T-Shirts at CA Democratic Convention – Kaus Nightmare

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Godfather of Blogging and longtime Slatester Mickey Kaus probably wouldn’t want to see this latest pro-Obama T-shirt being sported by attendees at the 2008 Democratic Party State Convention.

Why’s that? Well, because it truncates the northern half of the continental U.S. and associates the southern U.S with Latin America. Kind of an Aztlán thing. That’s why.

Getting into demographics, Barack is doing well with African Americans, of course, as well as enthusiastic white people and Asian Americans, but some of the folks with roots in the areas the t-shirt map purports to show don’t cotton to him all that much so far. Obamanos is a clever phrase designed to help Barack with the latino demo.

 It can’t hurt.

The entire mise-en-scene, after the jump.