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Huge Multi-Ton Blue Gum Eucalyptus Tree Branch Falls in the Panhandle – “Environmental Weed” – Tasmanian Devil

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

This aint no bush, it’s part of a huge tree branch what just came crashing down in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle this AM.

See? It fell near Fell Street.

These Eucs are environmental weeds* don’t you know.

They Should All Be Destroyed

Of course she’s trying to kill us – clever girl:

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*It was introduced to California in the mid-19th century, partly in response to the Southern Pacific Railroad’s need for timber to make railroad ties, and is prominent in many parks in San Francisco and throughout the state. Naturalists, ecologists, and the United States National Park Service consider it an invasive species due to its ability to quickly spread and displace native plant communities, while local authorities, especially many fire departments across California consider them to be a major fire hazard,[24][25][26] although the United States Department of Agriculture does not list it among its Invasive and Noxious plants list in California.[27] Due to such reasons, programs across the state of California have been taken to remove all eucalyptus growth and restore native biomes in some park areas, such as on Angel Islandin San Francisco Bay, and in the Hills of Oakland California, where Eucalyptus Trees helped fuel the 1991 Oakland Hills Firestorm.[24]

Tree Sap – Why You Shouldn’t Park Your Car In or Near Golden Gate Park

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

You can see the culprit reflected in this car’s windshield – it’s a sap-filled Eucalyptus globulus (aka Tasmanian Blue Gum, Southern Blue Gum or Blue Gum Eucalyptus) just waiting to rain down on your vehicle.  


Of course a garage around in the area of Golden Gate Park or it’s Panhandle could run you something like $10 per day. Maybe you’d feel a little gumminess is a small price to pay for free parking?

Your choice.