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Keep Your Brothel or Growhouse Secure with this 16-Camera CCTV System for Just $800

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

These days, you can’t just sit back and let the cops to all the work protecting your bidness from the criminal element. So why not spend a day installing cheap cameras all over the place so you can record 16 video streams 24-7?  You’ll be the Hero of Haight Street, or wherever, and then you can start making your own videos about “The Gauntlet” or whatever.

Wide angle, telephoto, infrared LED lighting, hook it up to the Internet for free, watch it live from you smart phone, hook up more hard drives for extra storage – this thing has it all.   

Or maybe, you could point some of your extra cams at a nearby intersection, such as problematic Fell crossing Masonic or horrible Octavia Boulevard crossing everything – Market, Haight, Page, Oak, Fell, the works. You’d be the hero of the hood by being able to demonstrate just how somebody got injured.

Or just do it to impress your neighbors in the Richmond or Sunset districts. You wouldn’t even need to hook up the cams – just mount them all over the place and then everybody will go, “Oh, that must be the new brothel and/or growhouse in the neighborhood.” Don’t think they’ll mess with you after that. Respect! 

Get cracking.

Bigger Photos of Suspects in Last Week’s Home Invasion on Moraga in the Sunset

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Personally, I’m thinking the SFPD could have done a better job with the photos they released of the two suspects in last week’s tragedy in the Sunset District. Anyway, find an effort at enhancing the photos below.

The very wide and usually quiet Moraga Street:

Here’s Polly’s versions of the SFPD-released captures:

Click to expand

That’s it, there aren’t any official updates for this case.

*Moraga Avenue isn’t in the Avenues, it’s in the Presidio, for some reason.

Jannah, Serving Middle Eastern California Cuisine on Fulton, Opens Wednesday, July 8th

Monday, July 6th, 2009

At the site (if not the exact same address) of the former Korean-themed brothel Gabin comes Jannah. It’s at 1775 Fulton in the NOPA, just down the street from the candyBar at 1335.

And guess what, they’re hiring! Servers, apparently, atleast that’s what the signs said.

And guess what, they’re already five-star rated at the Yelp!

CRW_6227 copy

See you there on Wednesday, the updated forecast for opening day.

Former NOPA Brothel Gabin to Become Jannah, with Middle Eastern California Cuisine

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Man oh man, the oddly-named “scary,” “sketchy” nightclub Gabin (nee Daebul) at 1775 Fulton Street (or 17xx, if you prefer) near Masonic was almost famous in the North of Panhandle Area / Western Addition area back in the day. It was one of San Francisco’s San Mateo County-style private karaoke joints, oddly located right across the street from a big old Lucky / Albertsons supermarket. 

Read for yourself some hilarious encounters on the Yelp. And don’t miss the contretemps of the white male “nosey parkers” of the North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association attacking “diversity and sex-positiveness” here, from way back in 2006. (And let’s not mention 2006 again, no sir.)

But now, the signs say “Jannah”, so it looks like “Middle Eastern California Cuisine” is headed our way.

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And they’ll have plenty of delicious beverages to boot.

See you there!