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The Famous Twins of San Francisco: Marian and Vivian Brown are Still Out There, Amusing One and All

Thursday, July 21st, 2011


As seen entertaining SFGov employees during Tuesday’s Kenneth Harding SFPD shooting mini-riot:

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Where will you see these twins, these sisters doing it for themselves, these icons of 415 fashion?

“Marian and Vivian Brown (born 25 January 1927) are American identical twins and icons of San Francisco, known for the appearance in media with their signature identical bright snappy outfits with hats atop their meticulously coiffed hair”

Oh, and don’t forget about these guys – they’re the young upstarts on the bay area twins scene:

Identical twins! Hurray!

Introducing the Mirror Image Twins of San Francisco! They’re Giving Those Famous Brown Sisters Some Needed Competition

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Now, if one buys a Seven-Up, the other one has to as well. If there’s only one Seven-Up at hand, well, then they’ll have to go without.

In that way, these fellows are just like Marian and Vivian Brown, the Famous Twins of the 415.

Except that dudes are Mirror Image Twins.

See? One’s a Southpaw and the other’s a righty. Hurray!

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As seen in front of our Asian Art Museum. (Hey, have you seen the Bali show yet? Well, why not?)