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Target, Beloved by Regular San Franciscans, Opens New Store October 14th – Gift Card Giveaways Until Then

Friday, September 28th, 2012

I’ll tell you, there are two kinds of San Franciscans:

1. People who know / care about who the current Mayor is; and

2. People who think the Mayor of San Francisco is still Gavin Newsom or Willie Brown or Dianne Feinstein*

A third of the first group welcomes the new City Target store, a third doesn’t care, and a third opposes this corporate chain-store invasion, man.

And the second group? They either don’t care or they welcome this store.

Golfing for Gift Cards and Bullseye doggie dolls:

*Which you know, isn’t too far from the truth, IRL.

(Oh, which of the two groups listed above is larger? The second one.)

I, for one, welcome our new corporate overlords.

As does Charlize Theron:

Feel free to continue shopping online until October 14th.

(And hey, where’s our Masonic and Geary Target, when’s that one coming?)

See you at the City Target on the Second Sunday of October 2012!

If Mayor Ed Lee is All About Creating Tech Jobs in San Francisco, Why is His Website from a D.C. Firm?

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Comes now TigerBeat, who asks:

“If @mayoredlee is all about creating tech jobs in SanFrancisco, why is his website by Washington DC’s”

A fair question, one might think.

Check it:

“Paid for by Ed Lee for Mayor 2011, Greg Sanborn, Treasurer, FPPC # 1340520

info (at)

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Oh, and since I have the floor, was former Mayor Gavin Newsom a “Job Killer” when he signed the notorious and now-dead Twitter Tax into law in 2004? I think so.

I mean, didn’t we have stock options and tech companies back in 2004?

Yes we did.