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Can We Live With a Few Metal Boxes on Our Sidewalks? YES WE CAN!

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Oh oh, there’s a new “neighborhood call to action” in San Francisco.

“Sometimes it’s possible for really significant changes to slip past normal public planning channels almost unnoticed.”

Now this man certainly doesn’t look too happy about a LightSpeed utility box installed in his nabe, but San Francisco’s new boxes should be shorter than this. People, teh Sunset district with a few more metal boxes here and there is still going to be the Sunset, avec all its pluses and minuses. This LightSpeed program won’t be a “significant change” to anything. You NIMBYs are getting out of hand.  

Look what DPT has to go through with DPW to make deadly Masonic Avenue a little safer a with a single (one) controller cabinet. The notice pictured below was posted on umptyump telephone poles recently.

Click to expand. (Sorry NIMBYs, time has expired for any call to arms on this one.)


Countdown signals now! And LightSpeed, meh, whatever, doesn’t matter.