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Warning: The SFPD “Speed Trap” at the Stop Sign for the Downhill Lane of Fulton at Pierce is Alive and Well

Friday, May 27th, 2011

All right, you drive in California – that’s not just a privilege, it’s your birthright. So that means that you can “California stop,” you know, roll through, slowly, all day long all over San Francisco with impunity.

However, some of you don’t do it right, some of you roll on through at like 7 MPH, which might be OK late at night at well-lit, wide open intersections in giant parking lots, but that’s considered too fast for the Alamo Square area.

So, the popo just sit and wait out of view on Pierce. But they don’t hand out tickets for those people who roll through the stop sign with caution, oh no. They wait for a good customer, somebody who maintains a good clip while crossing over the crosswalk.

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Now, if you’re on a bike, then you allowed a much higher speed, of course. But you people in cars might consider showing a little respect for da law.

‘Cause if the SFPD gives you a ticket for rolling through a stop, you not only rolled through a stop, you did it faster than anybody else…

An SFPD Crackdown on Speeding Through Golden Gate Park

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

An agitated SFPD police officer invited the driver of this BMW to get out on the freeway if he was in such a hurry. It seems there’s a crackdown on speedy drivers using the park as a shortcut to get across town.

The dog in the passenger seat appeared to sense the tension.

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The driver wasn’t at freeway speeds of course, but he might have “California stopped” (or Oklahoma stopped, either way) through a stop sign.

Let off with a warning, we should all be so lucky…