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Jerry Brown Throws Down: Restaurant-Owning Sikder Family Sued – Yellowtail Tartare and Kobe Beef Carpaccio No Defense

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Our California Attorney General Jerry Brown can’t abide those who own high-end Hollywood resturants and car washes and stuff, but who don’t want to follow our Wage and Hour laws.

So he’s going after the Sikder family today.

This is Koi restaurant, not to be confused with Orange County’s Koisan, which is “not affiliated with Koi Restaurant,, Sikder Holdings, Inc., or any of Sikder Koi Marks.” OK then.

El Protector de la Gente, Jerry Brown:

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All the deets:

Brown Sues Car Washes Run by Owners of High-End Hollywood Restaurant for Failing to Pay Workers

LOS ANGELES – Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today filed a $6.6 million lawsuit against eight car washes owned by members of the Sikder family — proprietors of the Hollywood restaurant named Koi — after an investigation revealed a “widespread pattern of worker exploitation,” unpaid wages and illegal business practices. 

“While Koi served up yellowtail tartare and Kobe beef carpaccio to Hollywood celebrities, the restaurant’s owners routinely denied wages, breaks and overtime pay to workers at their unlicensed car washes,” Brown said. “Today’s lawsuit seeks to end this widespread pattern of worker exploitation.” 

Brown’s lawsuit caps a five-month investigation of eight Sikder-owned car washes in Fair Oaks, Folsom, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Santa Monica, San Ramon and Venice

Investigators interviewed more than 80 workers and found the car washes routinely denied workers minimum wage and overtime, failed to pay wages owed to those who quit or were terminated, denied rest and meal breaks, and created false records of time worked. 

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Jerry Brown Throws Down: Car Wash Owner is in Big Trouble Over CA Wage and Hour Laws

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

California Attorney General Jerry Brown can’t abide employers who don’t follow state and federal wage and hour laws, as L.A. car wash owner Jonathan Min Kim is about to discover, if he hasn’t heard the news already.

All the deets are below.

El Protector De La Gente, Jerry Brown.


Let’s see what the “Underground Economy Unit”(!) has been up to:

Brown Sues Los Angeles Car Wash Company for Workers’ Rights Violations

Los Angeles -Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today sued a Los Angeles car wash for $2.6 million for illegally forcing employees to work nearly 60-hour weeks without overtime, ignoring minimum wage laws and denying injured employees workers’ compensation benefits.

Brown’s legal action was part of his statewide crackdown on companies that break worker-protection laws.

“Most companies in California comply with state wage and benefit laws, but if you’re running a firm that’s exploiting your workers in this economy when people are desperate for jobs, we want you to know that we will find you, we will stop you and we will file some of the toughest legal actions in the nation against you,” Brown warned.

Brown’s lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court today against Auto Spa Express, Inc. and its owner, Jonathan Min Kim, and Sunset Car Wash, LLC. The violations occurred at Auto Spa Express car wash facility located at 2028 Sunset Blvd., which employed between 23 and 41 people, depending on the time of year. The facility was sold to Sunset Car Wash, LLC earlier this year.

The suit contends that from 2006 to 2008, the company failed to:

– Pay the state minimum wage to its employees. Employees were often paid $6.32 an hour; the state’s minimum wage is $8.00 an hour. On days when there were no customers, employees sometimes would not be paid at all.

– Pay overtime. Employees were often forced to work six days a week, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., without overtime pay.

– Provide accurate itemized statements of hours and wages to employees. Employees were often paid in cash so that the company would not have to pay into the State Unemployment Fund or withhold pay for state taxes.

– Provide safe working conditions or report industrial injuries suffered by employees.

After receiving numerous complaints from Auto Express Spa employees, the Underground Economy Unitof the Attorney General’s Office conducted an investigation into Auto Spa Express’ practices and uncovered the violations.

Brown seeks to recover $630,000 in unpaid wages for the company’s workers and to assess $2 million in penalties for violating California’s Unfair Business Act. The Attorney General is also seeking an injunction to prevent the defendants from committing similar violations in the future.

Today’s action is part of Attorney General Brown’s ongoing crackdown on businesses that engage in unfair business practices by evading payroll taxes and failing to provide employees with state-mandated protections and benefits. Similar lawsuits were filed against a drywall contractor in Bakersfield and several trucking companies in Los Angeles.

The lawsuit is attached.