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Uh Oh, Now Even the YouTube Doesn’t Want Interim Caretaker Mayor Ed Lee Running for Election: “Promise” from StearnsSF

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

It begins.

There’s some wiggle in there, logicwise. I mean, Ed Lee isn’t responsible for what people were saying back in 2010 or nothing. But the quotes from Ed himself are like a couple MK XIVs hitting Run Ed Run below the metaphorical waterline.

(I could use a little subtitling there, towards the end as the sound is quite poor, but anyway.)

Would you call this a negative ad? Keep in mind, it’s not against Ed directly. It’s against Run Ed Run, and that’s a much easier and more deserving target.

Wow, Supervisor Chris Daly Speaks Out Against David Chiu in the Pages of the Fog City Journal – Who Will Be Our Next Mayor?

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Well, Supervisor Chris Daly leaves no doubt that he doesn’t want David Chiu, the President of the Board of Supervisors, becoming San Francisco’s next Mayor.

Read the whole thing for yourself, over at the Fog City Journal:

Let the Sun Shine In

It’s a doozie.

David Chiu by Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal

D2 Update: Janet Reilly Throws Down – Supports Caretaker Mayor Proposal for 2011 – Does NOT Support Peskin, AFAICT

Monday, October 11th, 2010

District Two Candidate Janet Reilly just did herself a biiiiiiiig favor by releasing a statement today about her choice for the next Mayor of San Francisco*

Read it yourself to see if this kills the idea (a conspiracy theory, of sorts) that she would clear the way for Aaron Peskin (or Some Other Supervisor, from the present or the recent past) to become Mayor. (IMO, this statement will serve to put this issue to bed, but, as always, You Make The Call.)

“Dear Friends,

If Mayor Newsom is elected Lieutenant Governor, he will vacate the Mayor’s office in January. Current policy calls for the sitting Board of Supervisors to appoint his successor. But some believe the decision will be made by the newly elected Board of Supervisors — of which I may be a member.
I have been asked how I would vote on this very important issue.
I would strongly support a true interim Mayor who pledges not to seek re-election to a 4-year term. The interim Mayor’s sole ambition should be to successfully steward the city until the people choose the next Mayor. I believe this person should be a senior statesperson or a non-partisan city official with unquestioned expertise and integrity. There may be others who have never been elected who would be suitable for the position.
In recent years, I have disagreed with the divisive politics of the Board. Therefore, if given the chance, I will not cast my vote for interim Mayor for any currently sitting or former Supervisor who has served with any member of the current Board. We need a caretaker Mayor who will guide San Francisco until voters choose long-term leadership in the November 2011 election. This should be a thoughtful decision.
The next mayoral election will give the city an important opportunity to chart its future. I think we need to let this debate take place without any one candidate enjoying the advantage of incumbency.
If I am elected and called upon to vote on this matter, I will vote “no” on any current member of the Board of Supervisors for interim Mayor, and I will also vote “no” on any past Supervisor who has served with any member of the current Board.
I would look for a moderate, custodian Mayor who will govern from the center for all San Franciscans.

Please visit my website at 


Janet Reilly”

IMO, this is a good move.

That’s your D2 Update for today.

Is D2 the “Ignored District?”

Maybe, I don’t know…

Anyway, one of these neighbors will be repping you soon:

Kat Anderson

Barbara Berwick

Mark Farrell

Janet Reilly

Vilma Guinto Peoro

Abraham Simmons

*Assuming Janet gets elected as Supervisor of District 2, and assuming Mayor Gavin Newsom gets elected as Lt. Governor, and assuming the current Board, for some reason (I don’t know how all this will play out, I don’t think it’s knowable at this point anyway), doesn’t make a decision before Janet takes office, she might have one vote of 11 when the Board of Supervisors picks Our Next Mayor in or after January 2011.