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Check Out this Historic Walt Disney Company Employee Handbook – It’s an Amazing Time Capsule from 1943

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Well, via the Walt Disney Family Museum‘s* Storyboard Blog, here’s the official Walt Disney Productions new employee handbook from 1943.

It’s called The Ropes at Disney’s.

Here’s a sample:

Professionally scanned-in** by Digital Assets Coordinator Mark Gibson – click to expand

See if you wouldn’t consider this handbook evidence of a hostile work environment, you know, from the standpoint of this day and age. Note that women got twice as many sick days as men, but they weren’t allowed access to the rooftop employee lounge.

Also, back in the day, some dreamed of impractical shoes while others dreamed of dating those who dreamed of impractical shoes. (Oh, well, maybe that’s just like today – nothing’s changed on that score.)

No matter, the long-torsoed guy is quite the ogler.

And check it, Disney pioneered workplace casual dress – it was called “Businesslike Informality,” so neckties were banned.


*Located in San Francisco’s Presidio, not too far from the Golden Gate Bridge.

**I have a color checker that’s just like the one you can see in the corner there, except mine’s all crinkled up now. These things are expensive.

The Men’s Wearhouse on Market Street is Located in the Mom Building, Strangly Enough

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Remember that George Zimmer guy who always hitting on people’s moms in the Bay Area back in the day? Well, his business got killed by the spread of the Grunge Movement and Casual Fridays and Casual Everydays in the workplace.

All he could do to respond was to talk about Dress Up Mondays* (or Thursdays, I forget) in order to get people back into his outlets.

Anyway, here’s a vestige of the Men’s Wearhouse Era located in the “Mom Building” at Second and Market:

Click to expand

*That made-up Wiki article was initially written by somebody from the clothing industry, I guarantee it!