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Nakba vs. Israel Independence Day in San Francisco

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Let’s compare two recent events in San Francisco. This was the plan for the San Francisco Jewish Community Center the other day, but here was the result: Protests mark Israel’s 60th Anniversary at San Francisco Jewish Community Center.

Here’s what it looked like when people got hauled away. This was the scene a little later with dozens of cops settling in for the afternoon:


Management at the JCC was still uptight after the arrests, actually sending a security guard to threaten to call the cops on a photojournalist standing 25 yards away across the street. Bad form.

Compare that with the mellow Nabka at 60 Years, Free Palestine Peace and Solidarity Festival in Civic Center yesterday:


Things were just getting started, but it looked to be more like a street festival what with the smooth jazz stylings of Steely Dan on the P.A.


This more open approach would appear to be superior, if your goal is to get your point across to the general population.