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Here Comes Big Dig West – Groundbreaking for the Central Subway Begins

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Today’s groundbreaking for our new subway was quite the affair. The Central T will open for business sometime in 20xx – that’s pretty much an inevitability now.

Of course back in the day, we had naysayers. But they’ve given up. After all:  

‘This is not going to become the Big Dig.”

All right, I’ll bite. This is not going to become the Big Dig because….? Because why? That remains unstated, unarticulated.

The scene this morning, under a SoMA freeway:

via anglisa

So, yes, of course Boston’s disastrous Central Artery/Tunnel Project isn’t San Francisco’s Central Subway Project. But will there be massive overruns? Sure, I mean they’re pretty much baked into the cake, right? Interested parties would love to see cost overruns – that’s the primary reason why these things happen.

Will San Francisco be better off with this subway than without? Probably.

Will San Franciscans use it? Sure.

All right, thanks for our new subway, America. We’ll get more use out of it than people up north got out of the Everitt Memorial Highway. (Your federal tax dollars paid for that one too. Oh well.) 

Let’s Hope It All Works Out.

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