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What’s This – You Can’t Take Photos of Hemp Expo Participants in Front of Oakland City Hall, Per the Mayor?

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

So Oakland officials didn’t want the MSM or anybody else taking photos of Hemp Expo participants toking up with Oakland City Hall in the background over this weekend’s Hemp Expo 2011?

Seems that way:

KTVU-TV showed what appeared to be an Oakland official instructing the media not to take photos of people smoking in front of City Hall. The official was not identified, but Arturo Sanchez, an assistant to the city administrator told the station, “it’s not that we don’t want the picture, we try to keep this area of City Hall, (and) this public park free of smoke.”

Check it out here at 1:40:

“Do not take a photo of somebody directly in front of City Hall”

Well, some of these people here are lighting up – see?

Via Hempire – click to expand

I don’t know, maybe this edict worked, ’cause I haven’t seen any photos online of people smoking bud in front of City Hall.

Seems funny to have this kind of rule.

All right, Oakland, see you next year…

University of San Francisco Offers Online Courses – Get a Spam Certificate in 8 Weeks

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Our University of San Francisco is announcing a 100% online program where you can get an eight-week certificate in subjects like Advanced Email Marketing and Advanced Affiliate Marketing training. That’s assuming that you can pony up a few thousand dollars (but that shouldn’t be hard considering you don’t have to actually move to S.F. and pay rent to get your cert.) How about that?

Now, is “email marketing” spam? I think so, but, as always, You Make The Call.  

USF is all about marketing. Fiat Lux, Justitia, Hard Sell:

Anyway, read all about it, after the jump.