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MUNI Bus Ad Update: Interesting “What Are These Gays Behind?” vs. Uninteresting “What Are These Guys Behind?”

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Man, those metal rivets/machine screws holding official SFMTA bus ads to our buses (to say nothing of the turning lights on our robo-chauffeurs) mess up a lot of ads.

Anyway, I read this one as, “What Are These Gays Behind?”

7J7C3536 copy

But IRL it says “What Are These Guys Behind?”


Ah MUNI, You Were So Close to Having a Sweet Belly Button Stud on This Bus Ad

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

I don’t know, if this ad had been laid out ever so slightly differently, the four metal studs on the back of this MUNI bus would be aligned so as not to detract from The Message:

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Of course, nothing beats Robo-Chauffeur from Emirates Airline. Sometimes his light would start blinking. Good times:

The Happy, Robotic Chauffeurs of Emirates Airlines

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

If you fly First or Business Class on Emirates, a mechanical robot will be happy to pick you up and take you to SFO for free. You’ll know he’s ready for you when the yellow light embedded in his forehead turns on.

At least that’s the way things seem after seeing this creepy MUNI bus ad.

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Of course, things could be worse.

Limousine Liberal – San Francisco Chauffeur Service Now Uses Hybrid Technology

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Check out this car parked in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park (on a street unaffected by Healthy Saturdays or Healthy Sundays).

California “Livery” license plates and the TCP (“Transport Chartered Party“) number sticker indicate this is a limo for hire, and the letter “H” on the license plate and in the car’s model name, GS 450h, means this vehicle is a gas-electric hybrid. 


Can you imagine the marketing of a hybrid limo such as this? You no longer have a driver, you have a Eco Chauffeur®. And on that special day:

Your wedding car need not cost the earth. Enjoy luxurious and stylish wedding travel in the eco-friendly Lexus Hybrid wedding car.”

The problem with all this is that Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology is basically being used to make the car accelerate faster, as

“The only good thing about the electric motor is that it provides extra power when you mash your foot into the carpet. And I’m not sure that was the point.”

The same basic vehicle without the Lexus Hybrid Drive system, called the GS 350, is already as fast as stink. Take one of these non-hybrid, 5-passenger sedans to the racetrack and compare it to the vaunted, two-seat Tesla Roadster, the kind you’re starting to see on Bay Area roads these days. That Tesla isn’t going to outrun you to sixty mph.

When you add in the electric motor to make a GS 450h, you get a car that accelerates even faster. 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds – that will get you to the church on time

Toyota engineers could have emphasized mileage improvements at the expense of brute force speed, but they chose not to.

Anyway, enjoy your hybrid limo service – the faster you go the faster you save the earth, or something like that.