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Don’t Forget About Target’s NIMBY Extortion Meeting at the Abandoned Mervyn’s on Masonic

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

[UPDATE: There was a good turnout with lots of media on the scene.]

It’s on tonight at 6:30 PM! Here’s your scorecard right here from Bike NOPA, which has lately received nothing but snark from the likes of Matt Smith and “Crazy” Rob Anderson.*

Is a one-hour meeting going to be long enough to record all the demands from all the NIMBY’s?

Now what about this? What if Target Corporation just buys off the NIMBY extortion groups with a little cashola? I’ll tell you, it worked for STI, the owner of Sutro Tower, didn’t it? Oh yes, that’s why those people up there don’t gripe as much about that big old structure raining paint chips down on them and whatnot. See?

13. STI agrees to contribute:

a. $ 3,000.00 per year to the Midtown Terrace Home Owners Association. The initial contribution payable prior to December 31, 2008. Subsequent contributions to be made on or before July 1 of each year.

b. $ 4,500.00 one time contribution to the Twin Peaks Improvement Association for an open space improvement project.

c. $ 6,000.00 one time contribution to the Forrest [sic] Knolls Neighborhood Organization to replace the Forrest Knolls [sic again – Run Forrest Run!] entrance sign.

d. $ 10,000.00 one time contribution for the benefit of the surrounding area to purchase two drinking fountains one each at the walking paths around two area reservoirs. The contribution will be payable only when the fountains are approved by the appropriate agencies and actually purchased.

That’s how the game gets played in the 415. (A little hush money can work wonders.) Or sometimes, the president of the nimbyhood group will get a private meeting with a developer and a deal will be struck where a family member of the Chief NIMBY will get hired on as a “consultant” or something. Or the deep pockets will fund a pet project that the NIMBIes themselves don’t want to pay for. Same deal.

But the idea of  this store coming to town is so popular (OMGTARGETMIGHTGOWHEREMERVYNSUSEDTOBEONMASONIC!) that perhaps the Target people need offer only a few palliative cliches to make the nimbyhood groups go away. We’ll see.

As far as The People, La Raza, are concerned, well they’ve picked up the ball by starting a leafletting campaign. As seen at Geary and Masonic:

Can you see the Masonic TJ’s in the background? It certainly messed up traffic on Masonic but that’s because it wasn’t allowed enough parking spaces because of some reason or other. Oh well.

(I’m not into extortion myself, so I’ll miss this joint.  But when the time’s right, I am going to ask them to consider putting the Chemical Brothers’ We Are the Night in heavy rotation on the store’s Muzak system, at least when they first open.)

On It Goes…

Shakedown 1979 2010/
NIMBYs always have the time

*NB: “Traffic calming” means frustrating drivers so much that, it is hoped, they’ll eventually abandon their preferred means of transport.