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Area Planner Brings Street Chess Back to Mid-Market – How “Urbanists” Envision Our Future

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Here it is, not too far from notorious 6th Street, a Vision of the Future:


(Complete with smiling peasants, Comrade. This woman prolly scored some happy drugs around the corner on Golden Gate Ave.)

I had to “enhance” the illustration to see what was going on here, but this sure looks like a riveting game of sidewalk chess, which used to be a scene close to 5th Street and which then got kicked over to the other side of 6th Street and which then got regulated out of existence.

But along with the chess came sidewalk craps, shielded from view by the chess people. Other things came along with the chess as well and that’s what led to its demise. One wonders why our City Family kicked the chess ppl out from 5th and Market in the first place…

Street Chess in the Mid-Market: It’s Back, Baby! After a Few Lean Years, Market Street is Back Up to Ten Tables Sometimes

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Frisco street chess hasn’t been this vibrant in years.

Things hadn’t been so hot since the Great Street Chess War of 2010, when the traditional location at Fifth and Market got eliminated. Get the deets here from Chris Roberts of the SF Weekly.

And even last year, you wouldn’t necessarily see that much activity.

But we’re in a more active era now, with a noticeable increase just the past few months.

Click to expand

Appears that this out-of-the-way location is hitting critical mass…

The Market Street Chess Scene is Still Around, But It’s Nothing Like the Old Days – Thanks, Gavin Newsom!

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Cause, you know, a bunch of people playing chess on folding chairs on the sidewalks of Fifth and Market, well, that didn’t do you any good at all, did it, former Mayor Gavin Newsom?

This is the current iteration, as seen these days betwixt 6th and 7th on Market:

Not as big a scene, oh well.

But what’s this? Unlicensed open-air chess-playing in Lower Market? Yes, in Justin Herman Plaza right at Market and Stuart:

Will somebody call 911 on these guys?

Yes, eventually…

NoPA Late-Night Sidewalk Chess Challenge Finally Consummated

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

First, it was all like this, with only a solitary person to play, night after night.

But now, it’s all like this:

Click to expand

An actual late-night chess scene on the west side running way past the time when the east side chess players on the 1000 block of Market in the crime-ridden Uptown Tenderloin have packed up and gone home?


West si-iiiide!

Western A!


The Late-Night Chess Players of Divisadero Street

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

[UPDATE: The Tenderloin Geographic Society takes note – dude’s still at it…]

This guy sets his table up out there some knights. Not sure if he’s doing street chess the likes of which you’ll learn about in this bit from Chris Roberts.

You ought to head over to Garden Alley (the driver’s friend, seriously) some evening and see if he’s up for a match.

Never seen him actually playing anyone else tho….

Reminds me of Omega Man, playing chess and looking out for the zombies

[UPDATE: I can now say that I’ve seen somebody playing with him, once anyway.]