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Supreme Master Television is Going Global

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Well, there she is – it’s the Supreme Master going down Market Street on the side of a Honda! All to announce the news that Supreme Master Television is going global. What’s that, you can’t tune into the Eurobird or the Intelsat KU-Band? Well then just check things out on the net.

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But whatever you do, don’t call it “cult television,” the way some people do. How wude! Would “cult television” give you a joke of the day finished off with a one-second cut showing the visage of “God’s Direct Contact” herself?

Of course, there are some downsides. Spoiler alert. Supreme Master Ching Hai has directives:

  • Refrain from taking the life of sentient beings
  • Refrain from speaking what is not true
  • Refrain from taking what is not offered
  • Refrain from sexual misconduct
  • Refrain from the use of intoxicants
  • On the other hand, she raised thousands of dollars for President Bill Clinton, back in the day, and who could object to that?

    Remember, “go veg, be green, save the planet!”