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Cold Busted: Bay to Breakers 100 Floats Ejected from Street Party in Hayes Valley

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Don’t think that you can just roll your float past the cops at Fell and Laguna this year.

Your keg-carrying float will be ejected for sure, it would seem – see the float near the top getting surrounded?

Via TraceyKThompson – click to expand

Bay to Breakers 100: All You Need to Know – How They Lie About Alcohol Every Year – New Booze Store Map

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Comes now Sam Singer, who gets paid to spread the Party Line about the historic Bay to Breakers Street Party and Fun Run coming up this Sunday:

Bay to Breakers goes dry with new no-alcohol rules”

Now, wasn’t alcohol banned the year before and the year before and the year before? Yep.

So, the new rules aren’t new at all, are they?

So, in 2010, alcohol was banned. In 2009, alcohol was banned. In 2008, alcohol was banned….

And yet:

Via Jean W – Click to expand

Has anybody ever been arrested at a BtoB for alcohol possession? I don’t know, maybe some mouthy minors have. What I’ve seen myself is the SFPD taking away people’s alcohol or making them pour it out. Oh well.

Leave us not forget the “tipping points,” the years when things went too far in the opinion of the white, aging, home-owning, Prop 8-supporting millionaires and billionaires who get upset every year.

So, in 2008, 2007 was the “tipping point.”

In 2009, 2008 was the tipping point.

In 2010, 2009 was the tipping point.

And in 2011:

Last year was the tipping point,” said David Perry, who was hired by the city to help publicize the new rules. “Last year was such a mess that organizers, the city and (police) decided we had to change something.”

And you know, for all the talk, there are years where nobody gets arrested at one of the biggest street parties left in the 415.

All right, here’s the new likka sto map from Exercising While Intoxicated:

Click to expand

Now the homeowner’s associations of the Western Addition are pressuring area stores to not open on Sunday morning, to not sell alcohol. The people at the stores where I’ve visited think that’s a laughable idea. (Anyway, I’ll check and see how effective our local Taliban’s anti-alcohol campaign is come Sunday.)

All right, get the latest updates here, at the People for the Preservation of Bay2Breakers.

See you Sunday!

Bay to Breakers Organizers Admit Past Mismanagement By Doubling Port-a-Potties for 2011 – Be a “Potty Hero”

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Now, I don’t recommend registering for the annual Bay to Breakers Fun Run and Street Party, cause what you’re pretty much doing is putting money into the pockets of a Colorado billionaire, who, in turn, puts money into the pockets of the anti-gay Yes on Prop 8 campaign.

But that’s how you roll, that’s fine.

But hey, look what they have for you this year – the Zazzle people sponsoring the 100th anniversary are going to monitor you during the race to see how much of your urine gets into a port-a-potty. And if you do well enough, then you’re going to get a garish, lime-green wristband. Hurray!


And, if you’re a straight, millionaire, white, wizened homeowner who moved into the Western Addition thinking it was something else (like Hayes Valley or “NoPA”), well urine luck. Look at this, free neon-pink lawn signs, you know, for your front lawn, the one you mow every Saturday morning along with all your neighbors.*

See how garish and San Mateo County there are? Hurray!

Here’s the email for the signs, but I’ll tell you, the nail that stands up gets hammered down and the duck that quacks gets shot, or something. Anyway,

All right, enjoy your street party on Sunday!

*Uh, the Western Addition is loaded with bossy old white people these days, sure, but front lawns? Not so much. Perhaps you should visit sometime, Zazzle, when you take a break from making things that nobody needs…

ZOMG, It’s ZOMG From Zazzle, That Crappy T-Shirt Company – Bay to Breakers is Represented by a Classy Lady

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Boy, she just screams San Francisco, huh?

Oh, wait a second, Zazzle is from the Peninsula, right? OK, fine.

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Showers are in the Forecast for This Sunday’s Bay to Breakers 100 Street Party – Hurray for San Francisco’s Combined Sewers

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Thank’s to San Francisco’s antediluvian combined sewer system, street urine produced at the 100th running of the historic Bay to Breakers Fun Run and Street Party will get to where it belongs thanks to Mother Nature and the grace of Gaia.

Check the forecast:

So, no worries this year. And actually, you’ll be saving some Hetch Hetchy water when you avoid actual bathrooms.

Now, leave us remember sunnier days of years past, when mismanagement of BtoB was committed in the sunshine, for toute le monde to see:

Turkeybot ably captures a fine moment

Remember last year, when Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) only put out 44 port-a-potties in the entire Panhandle?  For 100,000 people?

People had to double up and whatnot:

All right, have fun!

There’s No Way You’ll Get Arrested at the Bay to Breakers – C’mon Down, No Registration Required!

Friday, May 6th, 2011

So here’s the question – what would you do if you were at the Bay to Breakers party and a cop tries to take away your beer or make you pour it out? Would you:

1. Grudgingly comply; or

2. Assume a fighting posture not unlike that of that leprechaun from Notre Dame and then start yelling, “Tase me, bro!”

If you answered 1, then you’ve got no worries, Bro-ham.

Click here to learn about the legalities of BtoB and click here to learn about the practicalities (“Why You Should Crash the Bay to Breakers Even Though It’s Sold-Out“) of BtoB.

See you there!

Via shapeshift

Via bmiller1710

What’s New at the Bay to Breakers 100 Party? The Great Fence of the Panhandle! Will It Fence You In?

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Uh oh, this is new for 2011 at the annual Bay to Breakers street party:

Installation of fencing along the portion of the race beside the Panhandle will begin at 12:01am on race day”

What will the fence be made of? Mmmmm….

Will it be an impenetrable paywall such that spectators (and non-spectators) won’t be able to get from the north side of Fell Street to the south side of Fell Street for hours and hours?

Did the residents sign off on this? Don’t think so. Appears as if the Great Fence of the 94117 is the brainchild of the co-sponsoring Western Addition / Inner Sunset NIMBY groups what are partially in charge of the show this year, you know, along with the “owner” of BtoB, that guy that supported anti-gay Proposition 8 even though he doesn’t live in California. Isn’t that funny?

Actually, most of the people who live near the Panhandle aren’t the rich, uptight, old, white, homeowners that the MSM loves to quote all the time.

Typical non-NIMBYs of the Panhandle area having a good time and drinking on a dreaded sunny day. See how non-uptight and non-judgmental they are?

Click to expand

Anyway, let’s hope the new fencing doesn’t kill anybody

David Perry Sells Out to Anti-Gay “Christian Billionaire” Philip Anschutz: Crappy, Official Bay to Breakers Website

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Let’s see, I got to pay off on that headline. All right:

1. David Perry & Associates is sort of famous with members of the national media for being overwhelmed and understaffed during the Olympic Torch run fiasco back in aught-eight, but around town this outfit is known for slapped-together websites and YouTube videos extolling the virtues of whatever local government has on its mind – like cancelling Halloween in one place and promoting it at another, that kind of thing.

2. Anti-gay Christian Billionaire Philip Anschutz is the prime mover behind AEG’s annual Bay to Breakers fun run / party.

3. And here’s the crappy, official website for B2B. (Can’t imagine Sam Singer had anything to do with it, but who knows…)

4. And I don’t think that DPA is doing this for free, so there’s the sell-out.

O.K. then. Let’s see here, let’s note:

1. Unlicensed photography (David, do you think you have a license to use this shot on any of your for-profit websites? You do not.)

2. Crappy greenscreen videos (that get watched mostly by people who made or starred in said crappy green-screen videos), a DPA hallmark.

3. And, oh yes, for some reason he’s posted an official seal of the City and County of San Francisco. For some reason. Oddly.

Now, I’m not saying that you couldn’t slap together a similar crappy website in a shorter amount of time, cause it doesn’t matter – even if you underbid DPA by 50%, you’d still lose out ’cause you lack his guanxi (Chinese for corruption/influence, something like that).

Now, the message that DPA’s website means to convey is that “We Are Serious” about the enforcing the rules. So:

“People attempting to enter the race with a float, open-alcohol containers or without pre-paid registration will be removed and subject to criminal prosecution. We’re serious.”

I don’t know about all the “subject to fines and prosecution” they have in there. I mean, I could follow you around and point out how you could be “subject to fines and prosecution” for jaywalking and stuff like that, right? But you’d never get arrested for that kind of thing, right? Not unless you get drunk and start hitting people…

And what’s this?

“….no headphones and no wheeled objects of any type, such as baby joggers, strollers, grocery carts, pets, roller blades, skateboards, or bicycles, are allowed…”

Harsh, man.

And if you just paid $85(!) to have them mail you a numbered bib and then maybe your plans change or maybe you get sick, you’re not supposed to sell it and you can’t get a refund:

“Registration fees are non-refundable, non-transferable…”

That kind of sucks, huh?

Oh well, the A in AEG didn’t get to become “The Christian Billionaire” by playing  Mr. Nice Guy.

Now, I know why gay people would take money from AEG to help put on the BtoB. You know, for the money.

But why would gay people volunteer to work for the Bay to Breakers in light of A’s support of Colorado’s anti-gay Proposition 2 back in the day?

Oh well.

And oh yes, the site has an icon of a man wearing a tutu. Isn’t that kicky! Isn’t that spr srius?

All right, let’s get the party started….

And oh, this year, the SFPD will have “sobering tents” for you. They’ll have water and juice and maybe a free ride home. Bonus!

And oh, here’s what the SFPD is really up to on gameday.

On no, an unpermitted “bandit” on the spr srius “racecourse!” Honey, you are “subject to arrest.” What’s that? Why yes, it is a Harley. Sure you can sit on it. Upsee daisy:

And so on…

…and so on.

All right, let’s get the party started

Increasing “Capture Volume!?” NoPNA NIMBYs of the Western Addition Want “Urination Troughs” for Bay to Breakers 100

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

[Today’s posts are sponsored by Exercising While Intoxicated, For All Your Athletic Needs]

Oh, isn’t it cute? The NIMBYs of the Western Addition think that what they do and say actually matters a whit, so look at what they went and done, they imagined that Santa Claus came down from the heavens and asked them, “What do you want for Christmas?”

Or rather, “Imagine you were elected Mayor. What’s your wishlist?” And here is the result.

Check it:

“More port-o-potties are needed but that’s not the only solution. Innovative ways to increase the capture volume is warranted. Innovations like multi-person troughs should be explored.”

O.K. then.

So, if we get enough troughs, then the Bay to Breakers 100 street party will be more the way it should be,* more like this:

Click to expand – via the ImageShack

Rather than this:

Via Turkeybot

Obviously, “the Christian Billionaire” what owns the Bay to Breakers could put more port-a-potties in, but, for some reason, he doesn’t want to. (Do you think he’s afraid of the meddlesome millionaires of the Western Addition? I don’t. But there must be some reason why Philip Anschutz runs “his” civic event this way.)

But if you can’t find a trough, there’s always a friendly neighbor helping out at $5 per:

But don’t count on Rec and Park to help out. Do you think that they’ll shut down the only bathroom in the Panhandle  this year the way they have in the past?

All right, see you there – BE A PART OF HISTORY!

*Do you see all those melon farmers on the sidewalk standing in the back of that photo watching the world go by? Those are your real NoPA neighbors, your genuine Alamo Square orthogonals – do you think the handful of fuddy duddies what elected themselves area “leaders” are in their panic rooms at this point? Probably. Or sitting in the bathtub with a 12-gauge shotgun waiting for the horde to break through the locked door…

Oh Bay to Breakers – You So Crazy, Your New Costume Contest is, I Don’t Know, So Zany!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

I don’t know, I’m not sure how to react to the new attitude coming from the Bay to Breakers Civic event.

I’m used to hearing and reading edicts direct from that gay-hating Colorado billionaire who calls the shots at B2B but I haven’t heard as much of the vitriol lately.

Actually, I kind of feel sorry for them now. Not so sorry that I won’t mess with their logo…

…but I’m just so used to hearing about the latest crackdown on this and this and this and this and zero tolerance and you’ll be arrested and whathaveyou.

Anyway, they have a zany, wild costume contest planned, or something.

I still have hope for riot-geared cops and hired thugs enforcing the rules but, well, I don’t know, now.

Anyway, let’s play it straight, for now. All the deets:


Zazzle Footstock
Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park


May 15, 2011
9:30am – 11:30am


Must be registered for the 2011 Zazzle Bay to Breakers and have your race bib with you in order to enter the contest.



This award is all about creativity! The best Be-Zazzled Costume will be incredibly unique, custom, and AMAZING TO BEHOLD. Infinity bonus points for including the Zazzle logo in your costume

1st Place Prize: $1,000 Zazzle shopping spree


Because Bay to Breakers is turning one hundred this year, we want to see costumes that best represent the races of the past and the future. Create costumes from past or future eras to compete in this category. Bonus points for referencing historical Bay Area events.

1st Place Prize: 2 registrations for the 2012 Zazzle Bay to Breakers + $100


We live in a technology world, so why not have a technology costume? To compete in the iCostume category, make a costume that references techie topics like Silicon Valley, internet memes, tech companies, mobile devices, laptops, and so much more! Negative points for dressing as Zuckerberg – that’s just lazy.

1st Place Prize: Apple iPad 2


There’s no “i” in Bay to Breakers – show off your group think with an amazing group costume! Get a group of three or more together and compete with a creative costume for this category. Centipedes are especially welcome.

1st Place Prize: 1 ticket per group member for a Giants Home Game


Show us a talent? SING us a song? All while wearing a costume? Win this category with an awesome performance and a musical costume that’s even cooler.

1st Place Prize: 2 tickets to the 2012 Grammy Awards


Who’s going to decide the winners? The costume contest judges are a mix of local celebrities and Zazzle celebrity. Read more about the judges below to get a sense of how to tailor your costume(s) for the best shot at gaming the system and winning it all.

Chris Brecher – KGO Afternoon News Co-Anchor
Chris was born and raised in Harrisburg, PA where she says, “I was a good girl until high school where I was criticized for being “flippant.” Now, I’m paid to do that!” Chris loves to spend time museum hopping (she’ll have a keen eye for the Costume of the Century), traveling, and spending time with her family.

Michael Karns – Director of Public Relations
Mike grew up in LA but fell in love with the Bay Area after attending Stanford University. At Zazzle he splits his time between working with the public relations team and judging impromptu afternoon dance competitions at the office. When Mike is not at work he enjoys hiking, water sports, and running his hands through his hair.

Kimberlee Sakamoto – KRON 4 Internet reporter
As an Internet Reporter Kimberlee Sakamoto covers everything happening online (hint: She will be watching the iCostume category very closely), from the latest trends to the must see new websites or videos. Kimberlee graduated from SF State where she was a founder of the ultimate frisbee team. Outside of work you’ll find Kimberlee baking, reading, at a ballet class or rocking out at a concert.

More information about Zazzle Footstock is HERE.