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Have You Seen Cavalia Yet? It’s Leaving Us Soon…

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

That show under the biggest tent in the Western Hemisphere will pack up and leave Mission Bay soon:

Just saying…

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OMG, Cavalia is Coming to Town Nov. 16th! – Like Cirque du Soleil But With Horses! – A Big White Tent Near AT&T Park

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Five-star Yelp-rated, Little Man Standing on His Chair-worthy Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Horse and Man will run in San Francisco from November 16th to December 12th, 2010. Now, I don’t know how I missed this equestrian ballet back in ought-four (I was probably in Guat City* or the Dom Rep), but everybody loved it back then so you’re sure to love it this go-around.

The time to act is now. (The people who get better seats than you didn’t necessarily pay more, they just planned ahead a bit.) Tickets start at $44.50.

Tatiana Davidaud and Denise Verdonoq

Photos by Lynne Glazer

The biggest tent in North America, or something:

Right here on the map.

(Area NIMBYs are complaining already, actually. “I didn’t know about this,” etc. But this is a done deal. Aint no stopping us, now.)


All right, see you there!

*Parents, under no circumstances is it acceptable for your teens to tell strangers that they “built houses for poor people in Central America” over the summer. It just sounds terrible. Of course, this is a matter between your fam and Harvard’s acceptance committee, right? No one else needs/wants to know. Srsly.