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Van Ness Avenue Burger King Cockroach Report: It Could Be Worse

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Just saw the one here. Color me sheltered but I’ve never seen a cockroach in a fast food restaurant before.

In mitigation, you would only notice it from outside, that’s how close it was to the main door.

Big old support beam on the right, front door / window on the left, about five feet above the floor.

(You can see the support beam in this shot from Google Street View)

Anyway, Burger King #3684 scores a perfect 100 per the DPH, so it’s allowed to display the Symbol of Exellence ‘n stuff.

“On May 20, 2004, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors amended the San Francisco Health Code with the “symbol of excellence” ordinance, no.80-04,(1999-2000 bill number: sb180, author: sher), that recognizes the food preparation and service food establishments that exemplify high standards of food safety. The ordinance also requires food establishments that prepare and serve foods to post their current food safety inspection report on the premises so as to be clearly visible to patrons of the establishment. We anticipate that both of these changes will create strong incentives for food safety.

The Symbol is issued only to a food preparation and service establishment and will include a food preparation and service establishment operating in conjunction with a food product and marketing establishment. The Symbol will be not issued to a catering facility, a temporary facility, food demonstrations, commissary, and vending machines.

The Symbol is issued only to establishments that receive three successive scores of ninety (90) percent or higher with no major violations as set forth in the food inspection report.

Ordinances for Symbol of Excellence: “Symbol of Excellence” Ordinance, no.80-04,(1999-2000 bill number: sb180, author: sher)