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OMG, It’s the Great Post-Ramen Festival Japantown Volunteer Cleanup! Today on Post at 6:00 PM

Monday, July 21st, 2014

All the deets on this “emergency” cleanup that will occur today, July 21st, 2014

“There is a lot of trash littering the streets of Japantown following the massive crowds of 100.000+ visitors this past weekend for the J-Pop Summit and Ramen Yokocho Festival. If you are available, please join other concerned members of the Japantown community TONIGHT as we pitch in to clean up the trash on the streets. We’ll be meeting at Japantown Peace Plaza starting at 6pm and will provide disposable gloves and trash bags. Any help or additional cleaning supplies or equipment you can contribute would be greatly appreciated.

Event organizers are unable to completely clean up the mess, although they are providing steam cleaning for the sidewalks where ramen vendors were situated.

Let’s take care of our community together and clean up Japantown! Thank you so much to everyone coming to help tonight.”

This news comes via Akit:

Akit ‏@AgentAkit  29m

SF Japantown looks like a trash dump after the #JpopSummit #Jpopfestival & the ramen event. Help cleanup area 2day: …

“Coast Guard Scoops Up Oil in San Francisco Bay” – Really AP, Really?

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

The news of the day from the Associated Press: Coast Guard scoops up oil in San Francisco Bay

Except that the smallest branch of the United States military doesn’t actually scoop up spilled oil in San Francisco Bay – there’s a whole industry dedicated to doing that. And if you listen to the Coast Guard, they’ll tell you that, ad nauseum. Oh well.

The Coasties are handling this spill better than that one from the Cosco Busan. Hurray! That’s good practice for The Big Oil Spill in our future:

IMG_9658 copy

The Pacific Responder and the Ocean Liberty, along with smaller vessels, are out there right now, between San Francisco and the tip of Alameda Island that’s, oddly enough, also part of the City of San Francisco.

Anyway, the USCG don’t scoop up oil.

And keep up the good work, 11th District. Just try to resist the urge to lie to us for no reason, and you’ll do fine.  


Carry on…

Ross Mirkarimi’s District Five Community Clean Team a Huge Success

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Hundreds of folks showed up to join San Francisco District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi‘s District Five Community Clean Team on Saturday. People met up in the Western Addition, the Panhandle, and the Inner Sunset to work with the DPW to do a big clean-up.

Click to expand:

IMG_8212 copy

Near the old Fell / Oak Street onramp / offramp:

IMG_8279 copy

Ross Mirkarimi and friends:

IMG_8214 copy

San Francisco Housing Authority Executive Director Henry A. Alvarez, III lending a hand on Eddy Street:

 IMG_8254 copy

All in all, a successful event.

Carole Migden Launches $1.2 Million Cleanup Project at Candlesitck Point

Friday, April 24th, 2009

The area around the San Francisco 49ers overflow parking lot has some environmental issues, so more money from Solid Waste Disposal and Codisposal Grant Program is going to be used for clean up. Longtime pol Carole Migden was on hand at the Candlestick Point State Recreation Area yesterday to make the announcement.

The former state senator, now a member of California’s Integrated Waste Management Board, will be at Candlestick Point on Thursday to announce the next phase of a $1.2 million project to remove rubble from the recreation area. Existing trails will be refurbished, along with linking up two small ones to a continuous trail.”

The mise-en-scene. Historic Candlestick Park, the first modern baseball stadium, off in the distance as you look east:

Another windy day at the ‘Stick, with park rangers and community groups looking on.

Malik Looper, Executive Director at Literacy for Environmental Justice:

And here’s Mark Westlund, Public Information Program Manager at Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Department of the Environment – the 12-foot foot extension cord shows that his Toyota Prius has been converted into a plug-in hybrid.

The U.S. Navy wanted to build another shipyard here, right next to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, but World War II ended before that could happen.

Candlestick Point doesn’t have issues as serious as Hunter’s Point, but there’s lots of work to be done.

The grant comes from the Waste Board’s Solid Waste Disposal and Codisposal Grant Program, which funds the cleanup of sites when a responsible party cannot be identified or is unable or unwilling to pay cleanup costs. The grants accelerate the timely cleanup of dump sites that pose a risk to public health or the environment.
The California Integrated Waste Management Board is the state’s leading authority on recycling and waste reduction. It promotes reducing waste whenever possible, managing all materials to their highest and best use, and protecting public health and safety and the environment.
The California Integrated Waste Management Board is one of six boards, departments, and offices within the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA).