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The 2009 Greek Cultural Parade on San Francisco’s Market Street

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

San Francisco’s HELLENIC CULTURAL PARADE must rank as our smallest annual march down Market Street, but today’s effort had spirited participants and lovely weather. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Vanguard of the Greek Cultural Parade. Click to expand:

This junior cowboy (κάουμποϋ) was quite handy with his lasso:

An entirely different junior cowboy:

JROTC haters would have had a lot to hate today what with the many schools represented. (Lowell High appeared to be the most serious.)

“Macedonia is Greece.” O.K., thanks for that tidbit. I think I know what the meaning of this statement is - seems to be a contentious issue:

Anywho, happy 178th Greek Independence Day!

Is San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly Supposed to be Stupid or Something?

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

“Chris Daly is not exactly the president of Mensa.” That’s the quote today in the Chronicle in an article about closing part of Market Street to cars. Is Supervisor Daly supposed to be stoopid or something?

1. Trying to close part of Market seems a lot more appealing than some other ideas. Ideas like this, or like corn ethanol for example. Trying this Market Street concept, which has been proposed by others in the past, would be cheap to implement and would be simple to undo if things didn’t work out.

2. Chris Daly could easily become president of Mensa if he had a reason to want to do so. (Look out Alan Winson!) Chris wouldn’t even have to take a test to join. He could most likely dig up the SAT or ACT scores he needed to get into Duke and use them to get into Mensa. Bingo bango. (Bonus: He seems familiar with the organization.)


Chris is a smart guy you just happen to disagree with on this or that. So, let’s leave Mensa out of future discussions of how to move forward, mkay?

Carry on.