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Frisco’s New Tourist Parking Ban at Coit Tower is a Huge Success, or Failure, Your Choice! – Let’s Take a Look

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

It took me a while to figure this one out:

7J7C1618 copy

So residents are allowed to park but tourists, or “visitors” euphemistically, well you can all go to Hell.

I can see how touristas should be limited to two hours or whatnot, but the top of Telegraph Hill is special, apparently.

Anyway, the real reason you can’t park there is that the locals don’t want you queuing up in a line of twenty cars, which was happening last year during construction time.

So guess what, the scary signs have scared away a good percentage of tourists, so the waiting time to park has gone way down, but the vast majority of the spaces are occupied by tourists anyway. Take a look – all these rides are owned by tourists:

7J7C1626 copy

But a handful of tidy German luxocars owned by local millionaires were on hand, see?

7J7C1636 copy

In theory, all the 20 or so rides up here should have these red stickers, but only three had them when I was there.

7J7C1627 copy

In other words, enforcement appears to be VisionZero or zero or whatever this year’s phrase for goose eggs is.

So there you have it. Is this sitch a success or not?

7J7C1630 copy

Scaring away half the tourists makes things easier for the remaining tourists and our local millionaire BMW and Audi owners too.

Of course, Frisco thinks all you tourists are deadbeats who should pay something like $5 or $10 just for the right to drive into town. (I’m srsly.) So you all are lucky to be able to drive up to Coit Tower without having to pass a toll booth.

Anyway, this program is a huge success or a small failure of democracy – it’s your choice.

(Now don’t go crazy and park up there overnight or anything.)

Multiple, Multiple COYOTE ADVISORY Signs, Telegraph Hill, Frisco

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

They mostly come at night, mostly, I assume, since I’ve never seen one in the daytime.

20160808_130441 copy

(Here are the older signs, for the record.)

Anyway, I don’t know how much more our SFGov can do, you know, than what they’re already doing. These critters were here before us and they’ll be here after we’re gone.

Get used to it…

Siberian Tiger Tatiana Memorial is Still Up on Telegraph Hill, Almost a Decade After Her Death

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

It’s unofficial, I ‘spose

7J7C9837 copy

“Moonset Over San Francisco” by Famous San Francisco Photographer David Yu

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Easter Moon, 2012, San Francisco:

Via David Yu. Used with Permission. Click to expand

“Until next time, May 5 2012, to chase the full moon….”

Sunday Streets Chinatown a Modified Success – Sunny Skies – Brought to You by PG&E, “City Family”

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

I don’t know, there were lots of people out there, so that was good.

On the other hand, this no-cars-allowed “Walking Streets” event was brought to you by PG&E, the company what just blew up eight people a year ago and then lied about the circumstances of that these past 12 months.

I’m still not sure what the point was for this “walking-oriented” Sunday Streets but oh well.

Here’s the beginning, at Bush and Grant “Avenue.” (Note Chiu-bacca and red-shirted handler spreading the word of the mayoral candidacy of Board of Supervisors President David Chiu.)

Click to expand

And the middle, featuring a wealth of counterfeit goods on sale, and T-shirts for $2.88, just like any other day:

And here’s the end, with pretty much all the whimsy I could find today. (In aggravation, a NIMBY group was using this same very block to recruit more NIMBYs.)

That’s it.

Thanks, PG&E, I guess.

The Chinatown-North Beach Walking Street event is made possible by the lead sponsorship of Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) with additional support from State Farm Insurance. Other Sunday Streets sponsors include Bank of America (Lead Sponsor for the 2011 Sunday Streets Season), AT&T, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Kaiser Permanente, California Pacific Medical Center, UCSF, Shape Up, The California Endowment, Bi Rite Market, REI, Sports Basement, Mikes Bikes, Bike & Roll, Bay City Bikes, and Blazing Saddles, along with in-kind support from the American Red Cross, Bay Area, City CarShare and media sponsors SF Examiner, Clear Channel and Scoutmob.”


  • Ping Pong Tournament 9 to 11:30 (Waverly Place)
  • Activities for kids by Chinatown YMCA 11:30-4 (Waverly Place)
  • Chalk art, Kai Ming Head Start, Experience Corps (Commercial Alley)
  • Art in Kerouac Alley
  • Poetry readings – Grant near Vallejo
  • Freedom from Training Wheels (Grant & Green) and free Valet Bike parking by SFBC (Vallejo & Grant, and Portsmouth Square)
  • Kids arts and crafts by Emerald Tablet & North Beach Merchants (Fresno Alley)
  • Climate Change Education and Department of Environment host kids activities (Fresno Alley)
  • Bike presentation sponsored by The New Wheel (Grant & Vallejo)
  • Magician performance and childrens activities 1400 block Grant – sponsored by Carmel Blue, Schein and Schein
  • Food sampling and cooking demonstrations – 1500 block Grant – sponsored by Little Vine
  • Pet area – Grant and Lombard – sponsored by Jeffrey’s Pet Store
  • Clown show – 1500 block Grant – sponsored by Macchiarini Design
  • Zumba dance exercise – Coit Tower, 11-1
  • SF Recovery Theater  – Coit Tower 1:15-2
  • Supervisor’s Rock with DND Band at Coit Tower, 2-4

Nils, Gunther, and Babette: Sullen Euros Encounter Unbearable Ennui High Atop Coit Tower

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Check out these Euros who paid five Euro each to make it atop world-famous Coit Tower.

Can’t tell if Gunther is holding a juice box or not. And Babette, well, she looks like a Babette, anyway:

Click to expand

Welcome back to town, Euros! It’s going to be a great 2011 season, non?

(Our entire economy depends on your annual six-week vacays…)

No More Weekend Parking: Sign Atop Telegraph Hill Tells “Visitors” to Go to Hell, More or Less

Monday, August 16th, 2010

[UPDATE: Popular Curbed SF weighs in here. I don’t know, the way the sign is now, everybody who doesn’t have an “A” neighborhood parking decal is defined as a “visitor.” That means “tourist” of course. Now, didn’t people living on the twisty part of Lombard want to put up a gate? That’s kind of the same thing (although there’s no MUNI bus that goes down that part of Lombard.) Anyway, I’ve never seen a zero time limit in a neighborhood parking area – that’s a first. Just getting rid of the spaces up there would seem to solve the problem of  waiting-for-parking congestion. Explore the issue of privatising street parking in of San Francisco here.]   

It’s not immediately obvious that it’s against the rules for tourists to drop people off at the top of Telegraph Hill, but it’s not suggested as an idea – check out this recently-installed sign.

Perhaps it’s time to scratch Coit Tower off the list of official points of interest for the 49 Mile Drive?

Click to expand

I don’t know, if the purpose of San Francisco’s absurd neighborhood parking program is to “reduce unnecessary personal motor vehicle travel” why don’t we just pull out those 29 parking spaces up there and then the richers of Telegraph Hill could walk or ride bus #39 along with the rest of us “visitors,”,you know, with the little people.  

“The preferential residential parking permit (RPP) was established in 1976 to preserve neighborhood living within a major urban center. It is designed to promote the safety, health and welfare of all San Francisco residents by reducing unnecessary personal motor vehicle travel, noise and pollution, and by promoting improvements in air quality, convenience and attractiveness of urban residential living, and increased use of public mass transit.”

San Francisco Goes Red for World AIDS Day

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

December 1st was World AIDS Day, so San Francisco landmarks were painted with red light last night.


Check the photos.

Earth Hour 2009 in San Francisco – It’s Lights Out, Sort Of

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Well, Earth Hour was marked in San Francisco last night with a whole mess of people scrambling up Twin Peaks to see the lights go out at 8:30 PM. Some expected the whole city to go dark, but that’s not the way it works. This photo of the Bay Bridge from last year shows how things operate.

See what Earth Hour 2009 looked like for yourself with a this time lapse video – City Hall, normally quite a bright building at night, is on the left. Watch it flickr off about ten seconds in. Click to play.

via adelcambre

Now here’s the view from Twin Peaks just after 8:30 PM. City Hall is the black void at the bottom. You can see that the people at Pepsi, 505 Montgomery and the unnamed dome to the right got a late start on EH09  (assuming they participated at all). Click to expand:

Many bars and restaurants were lit just with candles. See a list of some of the participants after the jump.

See you (dimly) next year!


San Francisco’s Coit Tower is Just Like the Statue of Liberty

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

San Francisco’s Coit Tower is just like the Statue of Liberty, in the sense that you can get up top and look through the windows. You see? They have the same shape

This is the view that you’ll get from the top.

The people up there look like little ants scrambling around, huh? Click to expand:

Get up there soon as famous Action Consumer Troubleshooter (and Harvard-grad) Bill O’Reilly wants it to be blown up, apparently.

Wouldn’t that be FOXtastic?