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Well, Here They Are: Brand New Red Light Cameras and Signals at Fell and Masonic

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011


Will this…

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…plus this:

…eliminate this…

…and this?

Well, not actually because this particular car vs. bike from last year happened to be the impatient cyclist’s fault, because he went across against a red, because bike riders don’t have as much time to cross as they used to, owing to the newish dedicated cyclist light Oh well.

Anyway, I would have said that Santa installed all the new hardware, but I was beaten to the punch by Dale Danley / Panhandle Park Stewards, who naively wonder why the Panhandle Bandshell went away despite the fact that the “partners” of PPS are the same people who made the harmless bandshell go away.

(So I don’t know, I’ll consider the Panhandle Park Stewards ranking someplace north of that horribly corrupt Willie Brown S.L.U.G. vehicle for the while. Enjoy your “partnership” with the corrupt RPD, and the NIMBYed-up NoPNA, and the millionaires’ kid’s school as you garden, Deutsches Jungvolk und Bund Deutscher Mädel.)

Anyway, you can look forward to the flashing lights of traffic cams when errant drivers err at Fell and Masonic. (UCSF shuttle van drivers beware, beware!)

The Spookiest Place to be this Halloween is Mel’s Diner on Geary in the Inner Richmond – Surrounded by Burial Grounds

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

San Francisco’s Big Four Cemeteries, Odd Fellows’ (aka Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.)), Masonic, Laurel Hill, and Calvary, used to surround our  Mel’s Diner on 3355 Geary. Philip Ferrato has the deets and some photos of what these places used to look like.

All the people buried got dug up and sent to Colma by the 1940’s, but the ghosts remain, I’m sure.

Keep that in mind when your noshing on three-star Yelp-rated fare at the Mel’s…

The bulk of the University of San Francisco used to be Masonic Cemetery. See?


St. Ignatius Church, aerial view. Masonic Cemetery remains in background. The Bancroft Library. University of California, Berkeley

Keep a look out.


TARGET Just Keeps on Giving to San Franciscans – Lucky “Eva E” Finds Golden Ticket in Colma

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

The next time some allegedly rich allegedly yuppie-types* say something like, “…San Franciscans are supposedly [“supposedly?” what?] going elsewhere such as Colma and Serramonte for their department store fix….,” you can just point to the case of San Francisco resident Eve E. Why? Well, she just made a surprising discovery after making a run for the border to do a little shopping at one of the busiest tar-GHEY stores in the world.


“The first lucky winner, Eva E. of San Francisco, presented her shiny Golden Ticket to WONKA for official verification, and it has been verified as the first genuine WONKA Golden Ticket! WONKA’s Golden Ticket delivers the Grand Prize of a lifetime: a trip around the world for the winner and three guests. The prize is worth up to $40,000.”

(You can actually go out and buy a WONKA bar? Did not know that, no sir.)

What it’s like to discover the Golden Ticket:

Charlie Bucket was lucky to have a Target near where he was living…

*Is that a slur or an attack? “Rich, Young, Urban, and Professional” – I don’t think so…

All the deets:

Extra! Extra! First Two WONKA Golden Tickets Found!

Only Eight Coveted Tickets Remain in America’s Search for “Gold”

GLENDALE, Calif., July 27 — The hunt for WONKA’s legendary Golden Tickets is now more intense than ever. Inspired by the grand search in the beloved WONKA story, new WONKA® Exceptionals chocolate bars were distributed across the country, and a WONKA Golden Ticket was placed inside 10 of them. Today, WONKA announced that two of 10 Golden Tickets have been found.

The first lucky winner, Eva E. of San Francisco, presented her shiny Golden Ticket to WONKA for official verification, and it has been verified as the first genuine WONKA Golden Ticket!WONKA’s Golden Ticket delivers the Grand Prize of a lifetime: a trip around the world for the winner and three guests. The prize is worth up to $40,000.

The second winner, Jason C. of Southaven, Miss., had his Golden Ticket verified not long after Eva.

“We’re thrilled for Eva and Jason, and can’t wait to hear more about the adventures they have planned for their globetrotting journeys,” said Patricia Bowles, spokesperson, Nestle Confections & Snacks. “This serves as a good reminder that only eight WONKA Golden Tickets remain to be found. We look forward to celebrating as more Ticket holders come forward.”

Eva found her Golden Ticket in a WONKA Exceptionals Chocolate Waterfall Bar purchased at a Target® store in Colma, Calif. Jason found his in a WONKA Exceptionals Domed Dark Chocolate Bar at his local Walmart® store in Southaven, Miss. The WONKA Chocolate Waterfall Bar and Domed Dark Chocolate Bar are two-of-three varieties of new WONKA Exceptionals chocolates (the third is the Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Bar). The collection of delicious chocolate can be purchased at retailers nationwide.

As for the first two Grand Prize winners, where will they go? What do they plan to do, and who will they take with them? One thing is certain: they will only be limited by their imaginations!

Ever more deets from our corporate overlords, after the jump


A Serious Car vs. Bike Accident at the Infamous Intersection of Fell and Masonic

Friday, May 14th, 2010

[BIKE NOPA has an update. The Examiner has a report indicating the cyclist has only “minor injuries.”  Could it be that the car got it worse than the guy on the bike?]

A small Ford Focus ZXW station wagon collided with a cyclist at the intersection of Fell and Masonic this afternoon.

This red Cannondale fixie had its fork torn in two.

Colma, CA is a Land of Fog and Cemeteries and Shut-Down Car Dealerships

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Here’s Colma (nee Lawndale until 1941), CA, the West’s #1 necropolis. Why does it have its own BART station and musical? No one knows.

But what it does have includes car dealerships (both kinds – the dead and the living dead), fog, and, of course, cemeteries. Truly, it is the Land of Wind and Ghosts.

A look down Serramonte Boulevard.

IMG_6757 copy

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Not too long ago, Tom Hanks got his giant black Lexus from a dealership on this street, but all the Lexuseses are gone now. Will they return? No one knows.

See you there, on the next dreaded sunny day.