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What’s “SF-UP?” It’s a “Networking Group” for “Up-and-Coming Young Professionals” – 40 and Overs Need Not Apply

Friday, February 14th, 2014

You know, I’m pretty, I’m popular, so I thought I’d be a cinch to join this new outfit and take over the joint. But then I read the fine print and It’s all, “up and coming,” and “professional,” and “young,” and I’m like WTF?

I guess this group’s not for me.

But you, well, you’ll fit right in:

“The Chamber will soon be launching SF Up, a new networking group for up and coming young professionals and we want your input! Are you a young professional under 40? Join us Thurs Feb 20, 5:30 – 7 pm, for a focus group and tell us what you’d like to see in our new program. Admission is free, but per-registration is required.”

“The San Francisco Chamber is launching a new networking group for up and coming young professionals and we want your input. We are seeking young professionals ages 40 and under to participate in a focus group Date to discuss what you’d like to see in our new program.We will also be recruiting committee members and chair-persons for this new and exciting group. SFUP will be led and evolved through the leadership of people like you. Please join us on February 20th.”
ACT FAST-Seats are limited!

ADMISSION is FREE but Pre-Registration is Required”

“CitiReport” from Larry Bush is San Francisco’s BLOG OF THE YEAR for 2011: Mayor Ed Lee and “Run Ed Run”

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

That’s it, it’s over. Newish, bloggish CitiReport from Larry Bush is so far ahead that it wins BLOG OF THE YEAR already, just halfway through 2011.

Here’s the latest:

Run Ed Co-Chair’s Nonprofit Got $1 Million from Lee’s Office
by LARRY BUSH on 06/29/2011

“Gordon Chin, one of four co-chairs of the Run Ed Run campaign to draft Interim Mayor Ed Lee into this fall’s mayoral contest, heads a nonprofit awarded $1,136,000 directly from Mayor Lee’s office this year, an increase of more than $200,000 over the previous year.

“In total, Chin’s Chinatown Community Development Center received an additional million dollars from other city agencies and is in line for a multimillion contract as part of the Chinatown subway project. Between 2008/09 and the current year, the nonprofit has received $8,017,767 in city contracts, according to the Controller’s records.

“During this period, Chin and at least one of his board members have made political contributions to members of the Board of Supervisors and to candidates for the Board, despite a 2006 law that bans contributions from officers and directors of nonprofits that are negotiating or receive city contracts…”

And here’s the rest.


Apply for Your $40 Digital TV Converter Box Coupons Before It’s Too Late

Monday, January 5th, 2009

You were warned, but you didn’t listen and you never got your coupons. And now the government done run out of money, so your going to have to wait longer to update your idiot box. So apply online now, as this is the reply you’ll get these days: 

“We have determined that you are eligible to participate in this program and your coupon application has been approved. However, because program funding is not currently available, you will not receive coupons unless more funding becomes available. If program funding becomes available you should receive your coupons in the mail.”

It’s yours. Claim it. Click to expand.

Touch me
how can it be?
Believe me
the sun always shines on T. V.

Digital TV Conversion: Get Your $40 Coupons Now. No, No, Wait Until Later!

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Check it. Your old-school TV, the kind that most Americans have, will stop working next year as we’re going to transition to digital service in 2009.

That means that your grandmother, who watches her stories on a TV with a “rabbit ears” antenna, is going to need your help. So you’re going to get her a Digital Television Adapter for free, or almost free, courtesy of Uncle Sucker.

How? Just go here and sign up for your nifty $40 coupons and then head on over to Circuit City, RadioShack, or the Best Buy.   


And you’d better hurry before the Department of Commerce runs out of money.

Wait a second. Don’t sign up for your DTV coupon yet, because better, cheaper boxes are coming. The problem is that these coupons expire three months after they’re sent to you.

If you sign up too early, you’ll have to shell out your own money to supplement the coupon and your box won’t be all that good. If you sign up too late, then you’ll miss out on any subsidy. But if you time things just right, then you’ll get a sweet converter for free.

Or, you can just buy her a new digitally-enabled TV.

Choose wisely.