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San Francisco’s “Official Tourism Marketing Organization” Invites Tech Conventioneers to Sex / Strip Clubs?

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Here’s the ¬†giant ad from the back of today’s never-been-thinner San Francisco Examiner.

“San Francisco’s Finest Adult Clubs welcome RSA CONFERENCE Feb 25 – Mar, San Francisco Travel

Check it:

So what’s the San Francisco Travel Association logo doing in there?

I’m confused.

(But oh, let me assure all you horny nerd conventio tourists in town for the next few days. There IS sex in the champagne room¬†(or whatever they’re calling the champagne room these days), despite what you might have heard.NB: Bring cash. NNB: Lots and lots of cash.)

Executive Team

Joe D’Alessandro
President & CEO

Paul Frentsos
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Tom Kiely
Executive Vice President, Tourism

John Reys
Executive Vice President & Chief Customer Officer

Matt Stiker
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Tina Wu
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

The Condor Club in North Beach Wants You to Question if Your Joint’s Topless is “A-GO-GO” Or Not

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011


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Per the Yelp:

“Bottom line, Condor is an excellent choice for occasions that demand social gatherings at adult venues.”

O.K. then.

Did not know that.

Anyway, you have some iconic signs Condor, irregardless of anything they say about you.

May you live another hundred years…