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From This Angle, the Church Street Safeway Looks Kind of Stubby – Why Don’t They Build a Massive Apartment Building Above It?

Friday, January 9th, 2015

Just asking.

Of course, the whole place would be a tear-down. Then you rebuild with a brand-new Safeway gro sto below and then a bunch of housing units above. It’d be like a Hayward-style transit village. See?

7J7C1879 copy

Just asking.

The Giant Gnomons of The Bayview – Steel is Real – Track This Sundial to Hilltop Park

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Here’s is all I know about the giant sundial:

This sundial is located in Hilltop Park in the Bayview District of San Francisco. The steel gnomon is 78 feet long.”

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Big, isn’t it?

Boy, the UCSF Laurel Heights Campus is Nothing But a Big Fat Waste of 10 Acres – Let’s Hope This Changes Soon

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

I don’t know when this UC “campus” got built, but just look at what was in fashion back in the day:

Huge empty lawns and huge empty driveways that never get used. What were they thinking? Were these lawns a “gift” to the people of San Francisco? Were they something we wanted or appreciated paying for? IDK.

I could see this place out in the country where there’s plenty of space, but I don’t know what it’s doing in SF.

Anyway, we’ll be enjoying this campus as we walk, ride, and drive by for the next half-decade, it looks like.

And then, who knows.

Hey Look! DDG Partners and DM DEVELOPMENT Team Up to Evict the Homeless Encampment at the New 8 Octavia Condo Building

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

[UPDATE: At least one person has moved back in, as of May Day 2014.]

Here’s your before, at the corner of Market Street and the man-made disaster of Octavia “Boulevard,” from just last month, April 2014, IDK, 10 days ago?

See down below, those cardboard boxes were the start of a homeless encampment that stretched north up the Boulevard:

How many people slept there each night? IDK, but there were spaces for like a dozen people.

Anyway, that was then and this is now – this is how things look today, May 1st, after the recent clean up:

See that? Homeless people be gone, replaced by “ol ol g” (DDG, for those of you who don’t read Starchitect or whatever the hell that font is called) and DM DEVELOPMENT, ’cause, you know, it just wouldn’t do to have those glorious names residing over where people reside.

Oh, and here’s the pitch:


DM Development collaborates with visionary architects and interior designers to create remarkable living spaces that push the boundaries of design.

That’s your 8 Octavia condo update. Look for the banner ads soon – it won’t be long now… 

Wow, a Big Part of the New 8 Octavia Building Looks Like It’s a Prison

Friday, March 28th, 2014

As seen from Market Street:

Homeless People Have Already Moved In at the 8 Octavia Construction Site

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

They’ve been here for a while. The construction crew is cool with it, but this arrangement can’t last much longer:

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Here’s the spiel for this brand new building, and they mention the names of many many local bidnesses and institutions, for some reason:

Arlequin To Go
Bar Jules
Cafe Altano
Cafe Corbas
Christopher Elbow Chocolates
Fatted Calf

They go on and on…

More after the jump.


Tall, Taller, Tallest: One Rincon North, One Rincon South, Mount Diablo

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Come for the views, stay for the tuned sloshing dampers:

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The Unpublicized Picket Lines of Octavia Boulevard Housing Construction – Corish Electric Unfair?

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Or so they say:

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I guess some of these people are electricians?

This is all I know…

OMG, Here’s Your New S.F. Condo for $150k! It’s “Fillmore Park” (nee 1345 Turk) – Available Fall 2011

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Your SocketSite had the deets back in the day about Fillmore Park at 1345 Turk Street near Fillmore in the Western Addition.

Don’t miss the May 14th, 2011 Informational Workshop:

Contact: Linda Harrison, Fillmore Park Sales & Marketing Team

Saturday May 14, 2011 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM PDT

African American Cultural Center
762 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

See you there! Deets below.

Cahill Contractors is still working on it, under the pouring sun yesterday:

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All the deets, as of last year:

How would you like to become landed gentry for less than what you’re paying to rent a studio in the Tenderloin? Well, then get on over to 1345, where it’ll soon be on like Donkey Kong.

Imagine living right near all the those new nightlife spots on Fillmore – and you’d be less than 400 yards from Alamo Square and the Painted Ladies.

There might be a lottery involved, but you can’t win if you don’t play…

Click to expand

Be sure to invite me over for a BBQ  after you get settled in!

And just look at the artwork they have! I call this crop “Andre the Giant walks to his red SAAB 900″

Bon courage!

Perspective view looking west down Turk Street.

1345 Turk Street offers thirty-two affordable new homes for first-time homebuyers, specifically working families and individuals earning between 70 and 100% of Area Medium Income.

Flats and townhouses with outdoor patios ring a private landscaped courtyard, creating a quiet community just a block from the bustling Fillmore District and walking distance to shopping, entertainment and transportation.

The project is part of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency’s Limited Equity Program, which seeks to increase affordable homeownership opportunities for San Franciscans.

Project Awarded to MSPDI April 2007
Community Design Presentation December 2007 – January 2008
Approval of Schematic Design by Redevelopment Agency Commission February 2008
Design Development and Construction Documents Begin Summer 2009
Conditional Use Granted by Planning Department January 2010
Design Completes February 2010
Developer Enters into a Development and Disposition Agreement
with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency February 2010

Project Bidding and Permitting  March 2010
Neighborhood Construction Job Outreach Begins  June 2010
Construction Starts July 2010
Project Information Workshops Summer 2010- Spring 2011
Project Outreach to Certificate Holders Spring – Summer 2010
Buyer Preparation and Homeownership Workshops Summer 2010- Spring 2011
Buyer Lottery Summer 2011
Construction Completes December 2011
Project Move-In January – March 2012

OMG, Those Condos at One Rincon Hill are Now 95% Sold Out Due to 2.0 Tech Boom and “Trans-Generational Asian Buyers”

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011


All the deets, below.

One Tower to rule them all:

Click to expand

Your view from 1RC – observe Sutro Tower as an equal, high above the clouds:

The abject pwnage is now 95% complete:

Do You Climb Into Space/

To the World Where You Live?

As promised, all the deets:


Landmark tower is now 95 percent sold, with increased sales of $2+ million penthouse-level homes mimicking micro-market trends
Greater confidence in the economy, 2.0 tech boom, strong executive job growth and demand from trans-generational Asian buyers among reasons 2011 sales outperforming 2010, say experts

SAN FRANCISCO (April 20, 2011) – The high-end luxury condominium market, dormant in 2010, is coming back in a fury in 2011, with penthouse sales at One Rincon Hill leading the way, say local real estate experts.

“Luxury condos in the $2 million or more range are being snapped up in numbers not seen for the past several years,” said Paul Zeger, president of Pacific Marketing Associates, the sales and marketing firm for One Rincon Hill, and condominium experts in the Bay Area for more than 30 years. “San Francisco’s SoMa District is a hot micro-market, where techies want to work — and live.

“With ubiquitous brands Twitter and Zynga expanding their footprint in the City, and new start-ups popping up everywhere, their high-paid executives are flocking to SoMa where the action is,” he added.

One Rincon Hill, the 64-story luxury condominium building atop San Francisco’s Rincon Hill, is at the heart of that activity. Now about 95 percent sold, more than 650 people call the iconic tower home. In the year’s first three months, sales activity has focused near the top: five penthouses have been sold, each at more than $2.1 million, averaging more than $1,300 per square foot. Half of the top floor is now sold out, and only eight penthouses remain available.

“The resurgence in the high-end condo market is clearly demonstrated by penthouse level sales at One Rincon Hill and The Infinity,” said Patrick Barber, president of Pacific Union International, who cites penthouses that languished all last year, yet sold in 2011, including a few in the market for more than $5 million. Barber says renewed luxury demand is influenced by a combination of lower inventory and buyer confidence buoyed by greater job security and success of tech giants with large local footprints: Facebook, LinkedIn, Zynga and He also notes a new factor: the impact of The America’s Cup, where visitors, volunteers and the 10 teams, each with a staff of 80 themselves, will boost both rentals and sales near the waterfront.

“The America’s Cup is already a pull for new buyers at One Rincon Hill,” said Ann Dykstra, sales manager at One Rincon Hill. “Views grab a premium anyway; however, several new buyers were motivated by an opportunity for front row seats to the sailing pageantry in the bay.”

Dykstra says of the 376 homes in the tower, less than 25 remain — all above the 46th floor. This includes penthouse level homes with arguably the best views anywhere, and possibly the highest penthouse homes currently available in the world. Due to its location atop historic Rincon Hill, One Rincon Hill is the tallest residential tower on the West Coast (and tallest in North America outside of New York, Chicago and individual towers in Mexico City and Panama City).

Gregg Lynn, of Sotheby’s International Realty and among the Bay Area’s top producing realtors, cites four reasons 2011 is outperforming 2010: greater confidence in the economy, the “2.0” technology boom, strong executive job growth and continued demand from trans-generational Asian buyers.

“With the Dow above 1,200 and marching forward, overall consumer confidence with the economy has pushed buyers off the fence, with tech-execs leading the curve,” said Lynn. “Tech 2.0 is well ensconced in San Francisco, and those buyers are seeing luxury condos, mainly in SoMa. What’s more, many tech buyers are “long-term” confident, buying primary residences in the City, not just second homes.

Moreover, Lynn says executive job growth is the strongest in seven years, attracting substantial buyers from the East Coast and the Far East. The Asian market, primarily China, Taiwan and South Korea, is also bringing an influx of trans-generational buyers, sparked by less government restriction to overseas investment.

“These condos are often bought by Asian parents — who may or may not have current plans to reside in the property — and put in their children’s names,” added Lynn. “In many ways, San Francisco is catching up to a trend prevalent in Vancouver and Los Angeles, providing a surge of sales to our upper luxury condo market.”

One Rincon Hill was the most successful pre-sale in San Francisco’s history, as it was 90 percent reserved just two weeks after the sales center opened in 2006. Residents began moving in Feb. 2008. Available townhomes lining Harrison Street sold out in fall 2010. Currently, about two-dozen homes, all on upper floors, are available for sale and the building is on pace for a sold out and fully occupied tower in fall 2011.

About One Rincon Hill

One Rincon Hill has become one of San Francisco’s most recognizable landmarks and the tallest building on the skyline, in part due to its location atop Rincon Hill, the last buildable hill in the city and the first attraction visitors see as they cross the Bay Bridge into San Francisco. Topped with a glowing weather beacon at its crown, the 64-story Phase I tower with 376 luxury condominium homes was completed in late 2008 and is now almost 95 percent occupied. A 52-story Phase II tower offering 299 homes will complete the development, which will eventually feature a total of 689 private residences, including one-, two-, and three-bedroom homes and penthouses, each with views of the City and Bay from panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows and extra-large balconies, as well as 14 townhomes, a swimming pool, reflecting pool, sundeck, fitness center and an elegant parking facility with valet parking. The One Rincon Hill Sales Center is located at 489 Harrison St. #306, with on-site parking available. Open weekdays, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat. and Sun., noon to 5 p.m. For more information, call (415) 744-8886 or visit online at or