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OMG, Fancy Food Show 2012 at Moscone Center a Huge Success – Continues ‘Til Tuesday – Our Great Recession is Over

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The Winter 2012 Fancy Food Show from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade that continues through Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at Moscone Center is unbelievably huge.

Like this. Can you see the Canadian Pavilion and the German? This is less than 10% of the exhibit hall space. It would take you hours to check out all the exhibitors:

Click to expand

Now if you want, you can pay your $60 to check things out for yourself, but expect to find a trade show – it’s not oriented towards consumers at all. But every last food trend you could imagine (and some you could not) is in the house and everybody’s handing out samples and related swag.

And every last nook and cranny of Moscone North and South is filled up. The place is hopping. I expected to see at least a few attendees bummed out over the state of the economy, but I didn’t. The Great Recession is Over, people.

This truly is a world-class* event, as defined.

Bon courage, people of Fancy Food Fest ’12!

*The tedious cliche “world-class” was overused in the 415 already by former Mayor Gavin Newsom and those in his administration and, now, the current Ed Lee holdover administration (which is basically the same people but with rearranged titles) has stepped up its use. IRL, not everything what touches the City and County is “world-class,” capiche? And, IRL, not everything what touches San Francisco needs to be “world-class.”

So, why don’t we save this term for events and organizations where it truly applies, like for outfits like the San Francisco Ballet (oh, the debut of Onegin kicks off the 2012 Season on January 27th, get your tickets here) for instance? All right, carry on. 

Is There a S.W.A.T. Convention Going On at the Union Square Hilton These Days? Check Out the Rolling Stock

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Joshua Clements is all over this sitch down in Union Square:

“Homeland Security, A-Team van, SWAT team, mobile command post, Army Hummer, SFPD Bomb Squad, all in front of the Hilton.”

This urban assault vehicle used to be a GMC, or a Chevy or a Ford or a Hummer a Jeep or maybe a Dodge – I’ve narrowed it down that far:

An excellent shot from The Tender, Your Daily Cut of the Loin

Get more shots of this paramilitary fooferall at The Tens.

Enter The Nevius: He’s Thoroughly Impressed With This Week’s International Pow Wow Tourist Convention Convention

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

[UPDATE: And here’s Civic Center Mike’s take.]

You know, until I read The Neviusese’s* latest joint, I didn’t realize that San Francisco had a tourist industry.

Oh, wait a sec, rather, I had merely forgotten the importance of San Francisco’s number one source of money. Did you know that tourists pay taxes? Wow, thanks for reminding us all, The Nevius! Thanks for hammering the same point over and over again, avec trite quotes from cocktail party chatter, until you hit your word count. (Wow after reading Nevius, I’ll never tax a Happy Meal or vote for a Democrat again, or something.)

But, uh oh, can you call a convention of travel agents a “Pow Wow” in this day and age?

“The term has been used to describe any gathering of Native Americans of any tribe, and as such is occasionally heard in older Western movies. The word has also been used to refer to a meeting, especially a meeting of powerful people such as officers in the military. However, such use can also be viewed as disrespectful to Native culture.”

I’ll tell you, that’s the first thing I thought about when I heard that the 415 would host this year’s effort. Even The Nevius raised an eyebrow over the issue.

Anyway, ponder that as you ride the Great Ferris Wheel of Civic Center:

Click to expand

Well, not you, you’re not invited, but the conventioneers, maybe they should think about a new name while they take in the sights…

In closing, hurray for tourists!

*The CW part of his name stands for “conventional wisdom,” or Chuck Wilbur or something – your choice.

OMG, It’s WonderCon 2011, Running Through April 3rd at San Francisco’s Moscone Center!

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Once again, it’s WONDERCON!

This could be you:

Click to expand – via Fonzie’s cousin

Honestly, Cars on Inbound Market Street Would be Preferable to All These Rolling Billboard Trucks – “Traffic Jam Events?”

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Seriously? You car dealer convention people are circling trucks (they have no cargo except for the ads) about  SoMA all day long?

Just to make more of a traffic jam?

And your company is called Traffic Jam Events?

This rolling ad assumes you inherited a car dealership from your father:

Click to expand

Or maybe this is performance art? I can’t tell.

We’re kicking cars off Market to make room for more ad trucks? Srsly?

Gun Rights Policy Conference Coming to Burlingame September 24, 25, 26 – Free Lunch!

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

The 25th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference is coming to our Airport Hyatt on September 24-26, 2010. 

I wouldn’t have knowed about it but for the $10,000 ad campaign that MUNI decided to allow, so I guess it pays to advertise, huh?

See the poster? You can just forget about your safe room when “a violent criminal is breaking through your front door.” Instead, you should  just lie in wait until you get the chance to greet him with a blast from your pump action Mauser that’s longer than you are tall. It’s like you’re your own spring gun or something.

Achtung, baby:

The deets:

And hey, maybe G Gordon Liddy will show up again. Who knows.

In closing, free luncheon!

Over the counter with a shotgun/
Pretty soon everybody got one

All the deets:

GRPC 2010 

Come meet national gun rights leaders and your fellow grassroots activists at the 25th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC 2010) in San Francisco, CA, at the Hyatt Regency Airport hotel on September 24, 25, & 26, 2010. This is your once-a-year chance to network and get an insider look and plan pro-gun rights strategies for the coming year.

Past GRPCs have outlined victory plans and made public the latest firearms trends. They allow you a first-hand chance to hear movement leaders–and make your voice heard.

This year we’ll take a look at critical issues such as: city gun bans, youth violence, “smart” guns, concealed carry, federal legislation, legal actions, gun show regulation, state and local activity. We’ll also preview the upcoming court cases and revisit the U.S. Supreme Court Heller Decision.

The full roster of GRPC 2010 speakers has not yet been set. Past speakers include: Alan M. Gottlieb, Joseph P. Tartaro, U.S. Representatives Ron Paul, Chris Cannon, Bob Barr & Jean Schmidt, Robert Levy, Esq. & Alan Gura, Esq., counsel for the Heller case, Wayne LaPierre, John Lott, G. Gordon Liddy, Michael Reagan, Larry Elder, Ken Hamblin, and many others.

GRPC Supporters:

Brace Yourselves! ISAPS Plastic Surgeon Convention Hits San Francisco Tomorrow

Friday, August 13th, 2010

I don’t know, I wouldn’t call the huge convention of plastic surgeons that starts tomorrow at Moscone Center a “Biennial Congress,” but that’s just me. (In other news, I wouldn’t call the Oscar awards show the Academy Awards, so there you go.)

It’s all safety and science and marketing and isn’t plastic surgery great, etc…

Anyway, it’s the reason for all the hubbub in the SoMA today.

The World’s Leading Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Convene in San Francisco -The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 20th Biennial Congress – San Francisco – August 14-18, 2010

All the deets, after the jump


Happy 100th Anniversary, San Francisco Convention & Visitor’s Bureau!

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

This was the scene down at Moscone West this afternoon, as Mayor Gavin Newsom helped the San Francisco Convention & Visitor’s Bureau celebrate 100 years of operation.

Our mayor, boosting San Francisco and his run for Lt. Gov this afternoon:

Click to expand

Check out the SFCVB’s excellent website if you ever want to learn about the 415.

Why are San Francisco’s New “Low-Cost” Airlines More Expensive than Regular Old Airlines?

Monday, March 1st, 2010

You know the JetBlue and the Virgin America, right? Let’s review:

JetBlue Airways is an American low-cost airline…”

Virgin America, Inc. is a United States-based low-cost airline…”

Well, check out what the suits attending the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ Transformation 2010 convention at the Hilton San Francisco Union Sqaure are paying to fly in from and back to the Big Apple, assuming they’re stuck in the coach section during this Great Recession:

Click to expand

See that? United, Delta, American and Continental all were quoting airfares less than $300, and the “low-cost airlines” were the most expensive.

Perhaps sexy new Virgin America and JetBlue should be called premium airlines these days?

Just asking…

A Question for Whomever PhotoShopped Gavin Newsom’s First Gubernatorial Campaign Commercial

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

[UPDATE: Just discovered that Mr. Greg Dewar posted about this very issue yesterday.] 

Well of course the 17 photos used for this standard one-minute commercial on YouTube were PhotoShopped – I mean they’re all black-and-white, so most likely they were converted from color using Adobe’s awesome B&W converter, or something similar. Fine, lots of contrast there, so they look good. But what about the sign that says “Constitutional Convention!” that appears at around :27?

Was it there in real life, or was it added in after the fact, added in to reflect the focus of the TV spot – California’s nascent movement for a new constitutional convention. Or, as mattymatt asks:

What’s with the Photoshopped sign at 0:25?”

Click to expand:


Look at Gallagher over there on the right, dude wearing the natty cap. He has two signs? What’s holding up his “Constitutional Convention!” sign? Would you hold two signs like that? Is the higher sign glued to his fingers or something? Why is Our Mayor in focus, along with the sign, but nothing else? Does Gallagher’s left thumb go through the lower sign?

Here’s a close-up view. Like, why is the lower right corner of the higher sign in sharp focus when the lower sign appears to be out of focus?  

Orig copy

Now, if the person making this video spot diduse Photoshop and maybe made up a sign to fit the commercial, then s/he would have most likely have used the Horizontal Type Tool. Now isn’t it funny that some of the more recent versions of PhotoShop (like CS2 and CS3) use Myriad (out of scores of options), as the default font and Myriad is the very same font as in the sign?

Rather interesting, non? (And by the way, Dan, that Plastic Planes bit  you had a couple years back about the “unsafe” composite Boeing 787 Dreamliner? You’re totally wrong on that one.) Anyway, my PS defaults to Myriad Pro, so this is what you get when you start typing away and then center the result:

sfc copy

I don’t know, maybe it’s a real sign that just happened to be created with Photoshop – that would go a long way to explaining part of the mystery.

In conclusion, that sign looks a little funny to me, and it looks a little funny to people (who, unlike me, actually know how to use PhotoShop) on the YouTube.

But, as always, You Make The Call.