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Mothership Connection: 16-Pack IT’S IT Ice Cream Sandwiches at Costco #144 for 62 Cents Each

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Haven’t seen these NYT-approved snacks on sale at the SoMA Costco (America’s First Urban Costco™) in years:

20170311_172505 copy

A looooong time ago I sold frozen It’s Its to customers at a Landmark Theatre theatre for waaaaaay more than 62 cents, I’ll tell you. Was it $3 each?

Wonder what they cost now…

[Nostalgia Mode = OFF]

An SFGov Cracker Mystery: Is This Appointed Mayor Ed Lee, Rose Pak, and the Willie Brown Span of the Bay Bridge?

Monday, December 30th, 2013

[UPDATE: Oh man, I was way off. That’s not Rose Pak, not at all. (And it’s not even Fake Rose Pak.) Well, that’s one mystery solved. Now, who took this shot* back in the day. It was done with a Canon Digital Rebel made in the mid-2000’s, that’s all I know. Anyway, somebody pointed me towards it and then it found its way to SFist. Back in the day.]

You Make The Call:

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Or it could be Ed Lee, Rose Pak, and the PG&E Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Who baked these misfortune cookies?

* To wit:

Don’t Forget, the KRAFT Fight Hunger Bowl is Almost Here – Tickets Still Available for December 31st Game

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

There’s was some news conference yesterday that nobody told me about so oh well.

But find out all about it after the jump.

Now, which squad do you think will win on Saturday? The Bruins…

…or the Illini?


It’s like $25 for a cheap seat – you can afford that, right?

See you there!


“Cookie Man” Scott Alexander Has Come to Town to Sit on Street Couches and Hand Out Cookies

Friday, January 14th, 2011


Check it:

(Noo Yawk has a Union Square too!? What are the odds?)

Anyway, the po-po have already kicked him and his couch off the intersection of 18th and Castro ‘n stuff, but otherwise, he continues handing out the sweet treats.

Bon Courage, Cookie Man.

And, here’s a message from Scott Alexander hisself:

“Hello ,

Perhaps you or someone you know has already been offered a homemade cookie by a fellow sitting on an inflatable couch at a random street corner. That likely would have been me.

I’ve been doing this in the Bay Area for a few months now and plan on continuing for the foreseeable future. Perhaps it’d make a good story for you. I’d certainly be grateful for the attention, plus you could get some cookies!

I started doing this a little over a year ago while I was living in New York City. As an unnoticed independent musician, I was tired of promoting myself. I didn’t have the ego for it, and found it a huge distraction. I still needed people to take an interest in me, it only seemed fair that I took more of an interest in them. I didn’t really know anyone who’d become famous by simply meeting thousands of people, yet it seemed the most reasonable thing to do.

So how is a married, non-drinkier supposed to meet people, and of all types and backgrounds on a massive scale? Not the internet!

Social networking made it quite obvious to me that most people want to make friends and share things about themselves. But it didn’t seem to be happening off line. I do use the Internet, as well as my 24 hour Free Cookie Hotline, to announce my whereabouts and post video journals of folks I meet. But the real action is on the street,

Somehow it just seemed like a good idea to hang out on an inflatable couch with homemade cookies, and it’s turned out quite well.

I … usually make appearances 1-3 times a week. I post my exact time and location once I’ve figured them out. at FreeCookies.Net and

I also announce on the 24 hour Free Cookie Hotline 347-829-4YUM.

Learn more about my adventures at FreeCookies.Net, or better yet, come find me sometime and have some cookies!

Happy January!
Scott Alexander

“In a world of virtual friendships, Scott Alexander is playing it old school” NY POST

“Despite less than traditional ingredients, [the cookies] tasted chewey and chocolately” Santa Barbara News-Press (front page)

“Was it fate that brought [us] to his Craigslist ad at one o’clock in the morning? Or just undying cheapness that has us perusing the “free” board at bedtime?” Village Voice

“Scott Alexander is the kind of friend we all wish we had” Eats.Com

“Who doesn’t want free cookies from a complete stranger on an inflatable couch?”

“Alexander has no plans to give up his mouthwatering hobby.” NY Daily News

Bug Real Estate – They’re New in Town and They Love Dogs

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Get it? Bug! Real Estate people drive around in Volkswagen Bugs. Isn’t that precious? When I was a kid, all we had to ogle at were pink Mary Kay cars.

Click to expand:

IMG_7262 copy

And even while driving down the Interstate at 55 per, they still have time to show doggies a little love.

IMG_7261 copy

Think about that the next time you mock a real estate broker or salesperson.

Welcome to the 415, but stay out of the west side. You should do fine.

$3 and a Cookie: The Paltry Daily Take for the Donation Box at Strybing Arboretum

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

This was the paltry take at the San Francisco Botanical Garden donation box near the main entrance at the end of last Friday: two one-dollar bills, plus an exotic dollar coin (a Susan B. or something similar) plus a (possibly kosher) cookie with a giant letter “K” on it.

That certainly is a small amount if it represents a good portion of all the money donated that day. No matter, it looks like a “mandatory donation” policy is scheduled to be coming.

But we’ll see what the Board of Supervisors thinks about that, soon enough.

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