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A Raucous Halloween Night in the Marina – Sidewalk Brawl Looks Like a Scene from a Judd Apatow Film

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Uptown Almanac’s Kevin Montgomery rightly points to a Marina Moment in front of Mayor Gavin Newsom’s former Balboa Cafe from Halloween Eve 2010.

It’s at 2300 views so far…

“Who’s got a camera? Let’s YouTube this shit!”

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Why Not Dress Up as a Halftone Newspaper Cartoon Again This Halloween? Stop Dithering and Slap on Some Ben-Day Dots!

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Apply some Ben-Day dots, find a matching outfit and you’re done with preparations for October 31st.

Then you’ll be just like blogging renaissance woman TashaMarie:


Stop dithering –  Halloween is just two days away!

Absence of Booze/Nudity/Costumes Mars 2010 San Francisco Marathon – Photos of Early Leaders

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

This was the scene this AM at Mile 19 of San Francisco Marathon 2010. The crowd of two coffee-drinking women waited to see which runner would explode through the Stanyan Street Gateway of Golden Gate Park.* See?

Click to expand

Turns out it was Keith Bechtol from “Team Zombie.” He’s an 25-year-old astophysicist(!) from Stanfoo. Have you ever seen a five-digit bib number runner leading after 20 miles worth of marathon? Look at him go down Haight Street:

And here’s the second runner in the full marathon to make it out of the park, Michael Wardian, zipping by the iconic Haight Street McDonalds:

Looks intense:

There’s your separation, about two-and-a-half regular-size San Francisco city blocks:

Look out Zombie Keith! The non-zombies are gaining on you!

Results! Get all the deets after the jump.

Full Marathon:

1 Keith B 30811 02:23:28 2 Michael W 11 02:25:21 3 Zack E 20988 02:36:16 4 Florian S 90 02:37:08 5 Amir Doron K 20179 02:37:09

Half Marathon #1:

1 Michael D 22534 01:15:10 2 Brett D 22866 01:17:07 3 Matthieu B 23432 01:18:58 4 Justin M 23100 01:19:15 5 Steve L 23091 01:19:44

Half Marathon #2:

1 James G 46014 01:39:08 2 Katherine L 45634 01:40:05 3 Gina H 45307 01:40:14 4 Tim E 45963 01:40:27 5 Ha C 45628 01:42:13


1 Diane W 90478 00:32:50 2 Erica Y 90214 00:34:08 3 Josie N 92341 00:34:11

Progressive [Far Left] 5k

1 Fred L 92743 00:42:39 2 Amy L 92741 00:42:55 3 Kenna B 92780 00:51:47

Congratulations to all the participants and volunteers!

Moving on…

Frankly, this joint could do with a little nudity, booze, costuming and public urination.


I mean if the NIMBYs aren’t complaining about it, what kind of event do you really have? Wouldn’t the organizers be better off giving each “bandit” as many bagels as s/he could consume? Yes. And doesn’t this race start way, way too early? Yep. Giving in to every demand from the leadership elements of every micro-neighborhood homeowners group – that’s the path of least resistance but is this practice good for your event, SFM?

And hey, how about a costume division next year? Just saying… 

*Speaking of which, note the local high point in Golden Gate Park at Mile 16.5 near Prayerbook Cross. See, they have it pegged at almost 300 feet, per this elevation chart. Yet, the Bay to Breakers people and the MSM claim, every year, that the highest point on the B2B civic event course is the top of Hayes Street Hill (at 215 feet), despite the fact that the B2B route also goes right past Prayerbook Cross on JFK Jr, Drive. In the words of paid shill Dr. Henry Lee“Something is wrong here. Something is terribly wrong.” Also, since I used the phrase “Bay to Breakers,” I now feel an obligation to mention the words “race, racing, or racers,” as many times as possible, as is the practice of the B2B flack team. Race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race… It’s a subliminal suggestion kind of thing to mess with your mind. See?

The organizer of the Bay to Breakers road race confirmed that the 100th running of the venerable 12k race will take place on May 15, 2011. The race, a unique celebration of San Francisco and its racing culture, will institute new measures this year as part of its centennial celebration of the race.

“We cherish the fun aspects of the race that have made it unique worldwide– racers, runners dressed in costumes, centipedes, group running–that add to the excitement of a professional internationally important 12K footrace,” said Angela Fang, general race manager of the Bay to Breakers race. “In the coming months we will be announcing a number of compelling programs to enhance the race and the racing for the racers.”

Or something like that. B2B’s real press release is almost as bad as this.

Anyway, the San Francisco Marathon has an official release. Read it after the jump.


12th Annual Anime Costume Parade at the 2010 Cherry Blossom Festival a Huge Success

Monday, April 19th, 2010

The 12th Annual San Francisco Cherry Blossom Costume Parade and Contest went off without a hitch yesterday in Civic Center.

It was just like 2009, 2008, 2007, etc. Check out the complete 2010 gallery from raider3_anime, if you’d like.

This shot from official Cherry Blossom Photographer David Yu captures the scene:

Here’s the awards ceremony under the pouring sun.

And here are the winners, starting their journey to Japantown:

Congratulations to all the participants.

See you next year!

Japantown is Even More Fast and Furious During this Cherry Blossom Festival Weekend

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

This is how Post Street looked today, full of customized cars, as the third day of our 2010 San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival began.

Hondas and Nissans were the order of the day, but there were exceptions, like this black Lambo for instance: 

Click to expand

Sunday, April 18, 2010 will be the biggest and best day, complete with a parade, an anime costume contest, the works ‘n stuff.

See you there!

Why Not Dress Up as a Halftone Newspaper Cartoon This Halloween?

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Apply some Ben-Day dots, find a matching outfit and you’re done with preparations for October 31st.

Then you’ll be just like blogging renaissance woman TashaMarie:


Stop dithering – the Legion of Honor’s Ghoulish Gala is almost here and Halloween is just three days away!

11th Annual Cherry Blossom Anime Costume Contest 2009 in San Francisco

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Under a blazing sun today (we hates the Sun, we hates it forever!), the 11th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival Anime Costume Contest went off without a hitch today in Civic Center.

You’ve seen 2008‘s, here’s this year’s:

An unbelievable number of shutterbugs were there. Photographer dude from the AP didn’t know what to do with himself upon witnessing this scrum – one thing he knew for sure was that he wasn’t going to line up with the paparazzi. Click to expand:

There was a backdrop set up, so I imagine there’ll be a lot of images looking like these floating around soon:

Haru Yoshioka and Baron Humbert von Gikkingen from The Cat Returns (猫の恩返し, Neko no Ongaeshi, lit. The Cat’s Repayment.) These two spent the past four months making the get ups:

For the 8-bit-obsessed Boing Boing demographic, a larger-than-life Game Boy (ゲームボーイ, Gēmu Bōi). Has it really been two decades since this thing debuted?

Edged weapons were the order of the day…

but stick fighting adherents were not uncommon.

Of course the Raccoon Police used more modern implements to keep matters under control:

Hello Kitty’s foil Badzt Maru managed to make plenty of friends…

…as did Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon:

All right:

Some posed individually…

…and others took the time to set up ensembles:

Did the judges award extra points for this plush victim in the upper mouth? We can only hope:

Gratutitous “fake lesbians in ill-fitting anime costumes” kissing for cameras? Affirmative. CBS 5 Eye on Blogs won’t be surprised.

Good puppy, bad puppy:

And bubbles. Everybody loves Bubbles.

See you next year!

A stab at the winners:

1st –
Lilleah & Gemily West – Midna & Wolf Link

2nd –
Katy Lauters – Teto (Nausicaa)
Beau Williams – Baron (Cat Returns)
? (sorry, forgot name) – Heartless

3rd –
Lauren Andraus – Talim (Soul Caliber)
Tiffany Kum – Seung Mina (Soul Caliber)
Stephanie Scholl – Valentine (Guilty Gear Overture)
Kristie Metz – Almira (OZ – The Sword of Etheria)
Lorraine Yee – Suu

4th –
Sigrid Williams – Haru (Cat Returns)
Stephanie Tran – Taokaka
Monique Brossard – Bankai Hitsugaia (Bleach)
Sharon Peng & Kei Luong – Kagene Rui/Kagene Ren (Vocaloids)
Becca Parker – (Kuroshitsuji (Ciel Phantom Hive)
Laura Chin – Deathscythe – Gundam Girl (Gundam Wing)
Christine Tsin & friends – Silfer the Sky Dragon (Yugioh)
Charie Monterola – Deijiko (DiGi Charat)
Natasha Hrepcshak – Hyuuga (Neo Angelique)
Katherine Hrepcshak – Angelique (Neo Angelique)
Laura Eldon – ?


2009 Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco

It’s coming up yet again! The Cherry Blossom Festival at San Francisco’s Japantownis an event over two weekends. On the last day of the festival, there is a grand parade. Japan Video sponsors a costume contest for the parade that has become more and more popular over the years. As a result, the contest is limited to 100 people. However, the number of people able to join the parade is unlimited!

Here’s the flier:

2009 Cherry Blossom Festival
11th Annual Anime Costume Parade

To accommodate more applicants and to better serve you, we are offering two levels of participation; please choose one.

Costume Contest & Parade (limited to first 100 persons)
You can participate in both the anime costume contest and the parade.
Date: Sunday, April 19, 2009
Time: 10:00am – Check In
10:30am – Costume Contest begins
1:00 pm – Parade starts
Place: In front of City Hall

Costume Contest
1st Prize (1 person)
2nd Prize (3 people)
3rd Prize (5 people)
Consolation Prize
[We’ll Announce Prizes Later]

Parade Only
You can participate in the anime parade only.
Date: Sunday, April 19, 2009
Time: 12:00 noon – Check In
1:00pm – Parade starts
Place: In front of City Hall

Pre-registration is required.
>> DEADLINE IS 4/12. <<

Organized by: Japan Video & Media, Inc
1737 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

Tel: 415-563-5220, Fax: 415-563-5454


The Wolf-Hatted Foreign Policy Advisors of Van Ness Avenue

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

This lone protester wants President Barack Obama to “End U.S. Military Aid to Isreal.” Or Israel, or something like that.

She was doing a dance for north-bound traffic on Van Ness, aka U.S. 101.

Welcome to San Francisco.

San Francisco’s 10th Annual Anime Costume Parade

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Is this in character for these anime personae?

Costume contest winners My Neighbor Totoro and Catbus

Not sure what to make of this:
The parade ended up looking like this. See you next year!