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“First Resort” is the Bay Area’s Fake Abortion Provider per the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights (BACORR)

Friday, September 30th, 2011

All right, let’s say that this is your search:

Get an Abortion San Francisco

Which link would you click on?

This one?

“Abortion Info – Women’s Pregnancy Clinic | FirstResort.Org

Counseling and prenatal care 450 Sutter St, Suite 1740, San Francisco (415) 627-9175″

Get up to speed on this issue here and read a fresh release from BACORR below.



First Resort is well-known as Anti-Abortion in the Pro-Life Community; Misrepresents Itself & Advertises Under Abortion Services to the Non-Activist General Public.

First Resort, currently being investigated by the City Attorney’s office, misrepresents services it offers via Google advertising, in a recent Chronicle Op-Ed, and over the telephone. Over a 6 month investigation, the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights (BACORR) has researched First Resort’s mission, ties in the Pro-Life community, and misrepresentation of itself to the general public.

This is first and foremost a consumer protection issue, not a political or religious debate.

First Resort is a Christian organization whose mission is to make an “abortion free world, “ as stated in paperwork filed with the state. However, under Google searches, “Abortion San Francisco,” “Abortion Services San Francisco,” and “,” First Resort is the second paid listing on the results page. Google is the most popular internet search engine.

After Golden Gate Planned Parenthood in San Francisco lost its charter, First Resort CEO Shari Plunkett states, “Our call volume has never been higher.” (Email to supporters, dated 4/14/2011) Though First Resort usually tells callers they do not offer abortions, recently they said yes, they do offer abortions.”

More deets after the jump


Dennis Herrera Throws Down: Teams Up With Supervisor Malia Cohen to Battle Bogus “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

[UPDATE: Heather Knight has some useful details, particularly about a woman who named her child after a book from the Old Testament / Torah. OK fine.]

San Francisco City Attorney and mayoral candidate Dennis Jose Herrera held a presser this AM along with District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen, District 3 Supervisor and mayoral candidate David Chiu, and District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener regarding Malia’s new legislation about “crisis pregnancy centers.”

All the deets are below.

But you make the call:

What the Hell is this?

And check this photo from famous Steve Rhodes.

And guess who was there at City Hall this morning? Some Catholic League types, or Catholic reporters, something like that.

(It will be interesting to see how a few particular Supes vote on this one…)

Click to expand

Cohen, Herrera take on S.F. ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ for deceptive marketing tactics

Proposed ordinance, City Attorney demand letter target misleading advertising by centers that push hidden agenda for ‘abortion free world’

SAN FRANCISCO (Aug. 2, 2011) — Supervisor Malia Cohen and City Attorney Dennis Herrera today announced joint legal and legislative steps to halt deceptive marketing by so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” in San Francisco, which purport to offer non-judgmental abortion services and counseling to women with unwanted pregnancies, but that instead push an anti-abortion agenda on those seeking constitutionally protected medical services. Cohen and Herrera announced their initiatives at a City Hall press conference this morning.

Cohen’s legislation, which she will introduce at today’s Board of Supervisors meeting, is entitled the “Pregnancy Information Disclosure and Protection Ordinance.” If enacted, Cohen’s measure would explicitly prohibit limited services pregnancy centers in San Francisco from making false or misleading statements to the public about pregnancy-related services that the centers offer. While some crisis pregnancy centers openly acknowledge their pro-life advocacy, many misleadingly target women in search of abortion services though false advertising — and then employ manipulative and fear mongering tactics on their visitors to dissuade them from obtaining abortions. Crisis pregnancy centers commonly offer few services other than anti-abortion rhetoric, but the proliferation of Internet search engines has given anti-abortion centers an effective way to misrepresent themselves as bona fide clinics, offering prominent paid links in response to search queries for “abortion” and related terms within their region.

“One of the most serious threats to reproductive rights today comes from so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers,’ which misrepresent themselves as non-political medical providers, but that push anti-abortion propaganda and mistruths on unsuspecting women,” said Cohen. “The legislation that will be introduced today would prohibit these limited services pregnancy centers in San Francisco from misleading the public about the services they perform. It’s a measured, thoughtful approach that balances the free speech rights of anti-abortion activists with constitutionally protected reproductive rights for women. I appreciate City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s office working with me to craft a policy to protect women in San Francisco, while minimizing possible legal risks.”

In tandem with Cohen’s legislation, Herrera took a first step today toward a possible legal action under California law against San Francisco’s most egregiously misleading crisis pregnancy center, First Resort, Inc. Herrera’s demand letter to the anti-abortion crisis pregnancy center in the medical building at 450 Sutter Street expressed serious concerns about the veracity of the center’s print advertising and Internet marketing, which imply to prospective clients that First Resort offers abortion services or referrals to abortion providers — when it in fact does neither.

Herrera’s letter notes that First Resort has purchased paid Google advertisements to secure top placement in search results for abortion providers in San Francisco. Moreover, the letter details several of First Resort’s public representations to prospective clients that are false and misleading, and which contrast starkly with the organization’s stated purpose — as revealed in its state licensing documents — to achieve “an abortion-free world.”

“First Resort is certainly entitled to advocate for ‘an abortion-free world’ to anyone who wants to hear it, but the center is breaking the law by misrepresenting itself as an abortion provider for the purpose of luring women with unwanted pregnancies to its office,” Herrera said. “This is an insidious practice that victimizes women who are, in some instances, already victims. It’s especially problematic because the delays these centers can cause interfere with women’s time-sensitive, constitutionally protected right to reproductive choice. I’ve taken this step to demand that First Resort clarify its purpose in accordance with state law. Moreover, I applaud Supervisor Malia Cohen for her leadership to further tighten restrictions on this unethical practice here in San Francisco.”

And see what NARAL Pro Choice California has to say about all this after the jump


Is Simple-Minded Sportswriter CW Nevius Claiming Copyright on a Crime Photo Given To Him by the SFPD?

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Seems that way.

Check it.

Here’s a version of a security camera shot of a recent cell phone “heist,” or what what the world’s non-Nevii would probably call a robbery:

Click to expand

Should I claim credit for this photo as well? I mean, do you think that you took this photo yourself, Nevius?

Moving on:

“As he headed down the street, he must have thought the heist* had gone perfectly.”

Uh, hello, Nevius. You’re not telling a story in a bar here, you’re writing for the Paper of Record. So you shouldn’t make up what the thoughts of strangers are. Remember, fundamentally, you’re just a simple-minded sportswriter – you’re not God, you’re not omniscient, right?

“What he didn’t know was that new technology captured everything on video.

It’s not new technology, Neve. It’s the opposite of new technology. Do you even know what the word “technology”** means, Neve? I don’t think you do.

“Civil libertarians are likely to complain about creeping Big Brother-ism, but that horse has long since left the barn.”

Well that’s sort of their job, by definition. Do you think a phalanx of monolithic civil libertarians will react to this incident as you suggest they will?

I don’t.

Nevius, do you have somebody who could look over your words before the hot metal starts to fly? Maybe somebody could be around to tell you, “No Neve, you can’t just make up what you think others were thinking.” You know, stuff like that.

Just saying, bro.

*Was this a heist, really?

“A heist is a term used to describe a robbery from an institution such as a bank or a museum, or any robbery in which there is a large haul of loot.” Are you trying to minimize the importance of this crime, Neve? Like you’re a sarcastic public defender? I don’t think so. Oh well. 

**An application of science, simply put.

[UPDATE: The SFPD weigh in here:

San Francisco Police Arrest Cell Phone Thief with the Assistance of a Cab Driver
Posted Date: 8/2/2011
San Francisco Police arrested a man who committed a brazen robbery of a cell phone. In this incident, which occurred on 07/22/11 at around 7:10PM, a 27 year old victim was walking in the intersection of Polk and Francisco Streets. The suspect was seen coming up from behind the victim and forcefully grabbed the victim’s cell phone, which she was using and talking on at the time.

A courageous taxi cab driver, who happened to be at the corner parked, saw this occur. The cab was also equipped with a new camera technology system which captured the incident. This new technology records the front of the cab as well as the interior of the cab.

The cab driver pulled up to the victim and assisted the victim by having her get inside his cab and handed her his own cell phone to contact police. The victim gave police dispatchers the location of the suspect as the cab driver followed him. The suspect was subsequently taken into custody by police with the help of the cab driver and the victim.

The cab driver is to be commended for his actions, which helped police take a robbery suspect off the streets of San Francisco.

The police department will be presenting the cab driver with an award at the Police Commission meeting on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 honoring him for his assistance.

Taken into custody was Brandon C. West, 20 years old, San Francisco resident. He was booked for 211PC (robbery) at San Francisco County Jail.]