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How Much Sand Does It Take to Keep Southbound Great Highway Closed? – THIS Much Sand (It’s Not All That Much)

Monday, March 26th, 2018

I suppose that this amount today could push bike riders into the slow lane, and yes, it could also cause an accident:

7J7C2181 copy

(In my imagination, there’d be a drift ten feet high, a Great Sand Waste, all along Ocean Beach, with a chain gang working feverishly to clear the highway…)

OMG, It’s Fell Street Bike Lane Judgment Day – Painting “BIKE” Where Cars Used to Park – See Today’s Changes

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Here you go.

(Oh hey, gas is back down to less than $4 per gallon, even at the pricer-than-ARCO station at Fell and Divisadero.)

This is the scene this AM at Fell and Divis:

Click to expand

Changes are afoot…

Fixing the Great 2010 N Judah Sinkhole Could Disrupt Service Until Mid February

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Yesterday’s announcement of a sinkhole affecting N-Judah service in the Sunset District didn’t sound like any big deal at first:

Feb 5, 2010 to Feb 7, 2010 – SF Muni N-Judah Line Delay: On Saturday, February 6, SF Muni reports delays on the inbound N-Judah Line at Judah and 29th Avenue due to a street closure involving a sinkhole near the inbound tracks. N trains are turning back at Judah and 19th Avenue and bus shuttles are being provided until further notice.”

And, in fact, the actual sinkhole location itself looks unremarkable, excepting for all the signs all around it.

But check it – appears as if work crews might be spending the next two weeks onsite at 29th and Judah:

 “WE WILL TOW,” says MUNI. No doubt.

People riding the N Judah buses this AM seemed relatively unaffected* by the loss of the trolleys, but that probably won’t be the case on Monday if the tracks aren’t usable.

Or, maybe, the City’s taciturn work crews will be able to get a quick fix in this weekend and then work on a better job over the next week or so? Perhaps there’s an ongoing issue there anyway and this whole deal is a big nothingburger with a side order of nada?

MUNI probably has a pretty good idea on what will occur but they aren’t officially saying anything yet.

Only Time Will Tell.

Le mise-en-scene ce matin:

An avid radio fan, call-sign Star Scream (srsly, perhaps ironically), hepped  me to when the supervisors would show up this AM, and lo, he was spot-on. (Radio – it’s like the Internet but without pictures.)

Note the cracks nearby the purported sinkhole…

…and then compare them with these nearby bits (could we call them railroad ties?) that appear to be waiting to go:

Good luck, MUNI!

[UPDATE: If you believe what Next MUNI is saying, then the trolleys will be rolling across the sinkhole spot by this afternoon, February 7th.]

*So people trying to get to MUNI’s Town Hall Meeting today (maybe it’s still going on) should be able to make it. MUNI likes these kinds of meetings because they disunite riders (because of infighting over the preservation of service on particular lines) and they unite the disparate elements of MUNI. (Is the state of California really “taking away” money from MUNI or just not giving as much money to MUNI?) Regardless, if enough people hammer on the importance of one particular line, that can make a difference…