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Men at Leisure: Pacific Heights Croquet

Monday, October 17th, 2011

As seen in Lafayette Park, just like Heathers:

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Despite Mishaps, BoingBoing Picnic a Huge Success in Foggy Golden Gate Park

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Today was the day for the big Boing Boing picnic in Golden Gate Park.


The mise-en-scene:

BoingBoingers Lisa Katayama and David Pescovitz posing with volunteer Helen. (And Xeni Jardin was on the scene as well.)

The theme for the day was Things That Fly, for the most part. This boingboing air rocket was poised for launch, after lunch:

David Pescovitz et filius waiting for lift-off:

A large tree was “killed,” sort of. This analog Twitter feed has the deets:

The “Balloon Eating Tree” in the process of earning its sobriquet:

The branch that the balloon felled:

The Gopher Watch…

proved frutiful, with a little help from a non-frosted animal cracker:

And croquet, of course:

And here’s the collector T-shirt, up close:

Come back soon, bb!

Hipster Croquet the New Trend Sweeping San Francisco?

Thursday, March 13th, 2008


It sure looks that way, based upon this scene at Lafayette Park.¬†Be on the lookout for “shirtless, highly ironic croquet played while smoking Parliaments and drinking from Solo cups”.

Croquet fever, catch it.