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The Good Police Work that Solved the Phillip Garrido / Jaycee Lee Dugard Kidnapping

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Of course the crime got solved last year, but the details of this story out of UC Berkeley are news to me, so they might be news to you.

Anyway, meet Ally Jacobs and Lisa Campbell of the UCPD Berkeley and see and hear how they caught Phillip Garrido. From Officer Jacobs:

“The two girls ‘looked healthy, not malnourished, but drab. I couldn’t get over the intense stare of the younger girl, like she was looking into my soul,’ says Jacobs. It felt, she adds, “like Little House on the Prairie meets cult with kids.” For Jacobs, who has two small children, “police intuition” merged with ‘mother’s intuition. … I started thinking like a concerned mom.'”

Here’s the full scoop – take a look if you want. 

Ally Jacobs and Lisa Campbell (Cathy Cockrell, NewsCenter photo)

Lisa Campbell, 40, was born and raised in Chicago, Ill. She worked in the Cook County Sheriff’s Office for four years and gained experience in the juvenile court and corrections at the county jail. For eight years she was also an officer in Chicago, where she worked youth investigations. Campbell next worked with the San Diego district attorney’s office for two years as a welfare-fraud investigator, and spent three years as a background investigator for the Los Angeles Police Department. Lisa joined UCPD in January 2009 as manager of the special-events unit.

Ally Jacobs, 33, was raised in Southern California. She received a B.A. from San Francisco State University and worked for one year as a public-safety dispatcher there. Prior to coming to UCPD, Jacobs also spent one year as a police officer in Concord. She joined UCPD in 2001 and became a police officer in 2002; she is currently a field-training officer.