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The Story of the Wiggle Bike Path: Over-Privileged Cyclist vs. Under-Attentive Driver

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Here’s a little vignette from The Wiggle bike path in the Lower Haight area of San Francisco. The driver of this green cute-ute literally didn’t know where she was going. So, she sat a bit at the westbound stop sign on Waller at Steiner while trying to think of her next move. Maybe she was lost, or looking for a parking space, who knows.

Then here comes dude on his bike. As he’s he’s blowing the stop sign, passing betwixt the SUV and a parked car, the SUV driver decides to turn right. This cuts off the cyclist, who starts out yelling, “Hey lady, do you know where you’re going?” Something like that. Repeatedly.

So here’s the scene after he chased her down Steiner while yelling all the while.

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No doubt the driver needs to try harder, but the cyclist seems to think he has the right to blow stop signs with impunity. If he had stopped and then gotten cut off, then he’d have a point.

Anyway, this typifies your Over-Privileged Cyclist vs. Under-Attentive Driver angry interaction in San Francisco.

Oh well.

Bauer’s Limosuine: How Am I Driving? Not So Hot, Actually

Friday, July 10th, 2009

In a move redolent of Michael Schumacher’s opening lap at the 2002 Malaysian Grand Prix, this Bauer’s Worldwide Intelligent Transportation Executive Shuttle managed to cross three lanes of traffic on the 101 to cut off this poor San Francisco taxi driver.  

Perhaps Bauers’ drivers get paid by the mile?

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IMG_8617 copy

And are these slogans really their intellektual propertah?

“Saving the Earth 1 mile at a time”

“Be Clean, Go Green”

Oh dear. Be sure to check out their cheesy website, complete with polar bears, Emperor penguins, and, of course,  Hummer H2 stretch limos.

And Bauer, try to use your signals when you’re changing three lanes at a time, when you’re speeding. You don’t want to give the NIMBYs any more ammo, right?