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D2 Update: Mark Farrell Declares Victory Over Janet Reilly – Will Meet With Michela Soon – Preparing for Office

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

[UPDATE: And Janet Reilly just conceded. Read her entire statement after the jump.]

Interesting candidate Mark Farrell has pulled off his upset in District 2. That means that he’ll become a San Francisco Supervisor come January 2011.

Read all about it, below.

Big Mark Farrell (in Giants Orange) y familia at Room 48 in City Hall all the way back in August 2009:

Click to expand

“As of this evening, all the votes have been counted in District 2 by the San Francisco Department of Elections and we have won the District 2 Supervisor election. With tonight’s victory, we now turn our immediate attention to preparing for office in January.  Our transition team is in place, and I will be meeting with District 2 Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier tomorrow to kick-start the transition process.  I will also finalize the hiring of my City Hall staff within the next week.

I would like to acknowledge and thank all of my opponents – Kat Anderson, Abraham Simmons, Barbara Berwick, Janet Reilly, and Vilma Guinto Peoro – for a very exciting and challenging campaign.  They are dedicated and valued public servants who are each committed to the people and neighborhoods of District 2, and I look forward to working with all of them in the future.

While the past few weeks have been challenging as the vote count continued after Election Day, I fully recognize the need for a transparent and democratic electoral process – as such, I want to thank the leadership and staff of San Francisco’s Department of Elections for their dedication and diligence in completing this difficult task.

I would also like to personally thank all of those individuals that supported my campaign, beginning with Sheriff Michael Hennessey and in particular Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier and Supervisor Sean Elsbernd. Thank you as well to the organizations which supported my campaign along the way, including the Small Property Owners of San Francisco, Plan C, UA Local 38, BOMA, the District 2 Democratic Club, IBEW Local 1245, the San Francisco Coalition for Responsible Growth and Rescue MUNI.

Thank you to my incredible staff, including Chris Lee, Margaux Kelly, David Latterman and Mark Randolph, and in particular the hundreds of volunteers who poured their time and energy into this campaign – we would not have succeeded without your enthusiasm, and I will be eternally grateful.

Most importantly, thank you to my amazing family – from my wife Liz and our children, to my parents, in-laws and brothers and sisters – we started this journey last year together as a family, and your unconditional support truly carried this campaign across the goal line.

While it was a long campaign and ultimately a close election, I am both honored and excited to represent the residents of District 2, and look forward to working to return common sense, fiscal discipline and neighborhood leadership back to City Hall.”

And here’s what Janet has to say tonight, after the jump.


Mark Farrell, Once Again, Emerges as the Interesting Candidate for Supervisor – Or Maybe Malia Cohen, Too

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Remember when I told you about Mark Farrell, back about a month before Willie Brown started pushing him, when it was apparent to some that Mark Farrell had Emerged as the Interesting Candidate? Well Mark’s at it again, ’cause right now today he’s just 300-something votes shy of current vote leader Janet Reilly.

Now I’ll tell you, I can think of a few reasons as to why San Francisco’s District 2 might have more than its fair share of the City’s 38,000 (or so) yet-to-be counted absentee ballots, and why Mark Farrell might do better with those voters than the people who actually showed up in person on election day. Then you throw in some Instant Runoff Voting ballots that went Abraham Simmons #1 and Mark Farrell #2, Kat Anderson #3 or Abraham Simmons #1, Kat Anderson #2 and Mark Farrell #3, and then toss in some wild-card provisionals and what you have is an interesting situation on your hands.

Of course, a difference of 2.75 percentage points is large and of course it’s tough to catch up to the leader using other candidates’ voters under IRV, but Mark just might have a chance to do just that.

That’s D2.

Now, as for D10, what about Malia Cohen? She appears to be the only candidate in D10 who, at this point, could possibly benefit from his/her official endorsement from the San Francisco Democrats. (Of course, she’d need to make it past Lynette Sweet as well.)

Here’s Malia using substantially less than the allotted time to memorably introduce herself to the Recording Academy at Yoshi’s on Fillmore. Now, I found the affair, or at least the part I saw, to be on the twee side, but, whatever, MC did a good job of standing out from the crowd of a dozen or so invited candidates:

We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes, huh? (And just say to yourself, “No recounts, no recounts…”)

[UPDATE: Here’s John Upton weighing on these matters today.]

D2 Update: Janet Throws Down – Files FPPC Complaint, Mark Gets Endorsed by SFChron, and Kat Endorses Mark and Abe

Friday, October 29th, 2010

I don’t know, I’m not competent to weigh in on the pros and cons of Janet Reilly’s FPPC complaint against Common Sense Voters, SF 2010. But here it is, just released this afternoon:

Reilly Press Release – 10-29-2010

FPPC Complaint Against Common Sense Voters

Part of this fuss is over this NotJanetReilly website, which appears to have something to do with “Salsa Labs” and yet, amazingly,  doesn’t crash when you look at it.

So that’s that, moving on.

Mark Farrell‘s Facebook page is something I hadn’t seen before – it’s filled up with well-wishes from the high and mighty. See?

District 2: Farrell is voice of restraint

And Kat Anderson is out with some releases today as well. I’d have to call this graf below evidence of a co-endorsement. Only candidate Barbara Berwick has co-endorsed in D2 so far AFAIK, so this is news:

“VOTE TO ELECT A MODERATE REPRESENTATIVE. Please fill out your absentee ballots and mail them now.  Or, you can walk them to your polls on November 2nd.  You can also go to the Department of Elections at City Hall and vote early.  And, of course, you can engage in a great right and ritual on November 2nd, and go vote at your polling place.  Be sure to encourage all of your friends to GET OUT THE VOTE and to support the true moderates:  KAT ANDERSON, MARK FARRELL AND ABRAHAM SIMMONS.”

See Kat’s plans for Halloween after the jump.

And oh geez, here’s more about the recent, big-money independent expenditure – hear from Frank Jordan (is he alleging a crime when he puts “independent” in quote marks?) and Louise Renne too.

That’s it, that’s your final D2 Update for the day.


Is PG&E Money Going to Google so that Web Searches for “Janet Reilly” Send People to “Not Janet”

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

[UPDATE: Well, no, it seems. See Byron’s comment. A mystery solved. But I got to tell you that a unique ID number would solve this problem. That way, we could all invoke Thomas Paine without confusion…]

Get up to speed on the whole issue right here.

Now, who’s paying Google to send searchers to Not Janet Reilly, a tiny website that would get no attention but for a Google “Sponsored Link?”

Oh, it’s Common Sense Voters, SF 2010?” But who are they?

Are they “CommonSenseSF” and/or the “Coalition for Reliable and Affordable Electricity and/or PG&E?”

Don’t know. But the big beef against Janet at NotJanetReilly appears to be the whole Public Power / Community Choice Aggregation issue, one that PG&E would seem to have an interest in. See?

Now, I’m not surprised to hear that District 2 rejected Public Power in the past, but I wonder:

Who would win a popularity contest in D2 right now – Janet Reilly or PG&E?

That’d be something for some area Pigs Giraffes & Elephants(who haven’t been having a good year, to say the least) to consider, mmmm?

It Begins: Website Demonizes With Chris Daly – Who is Paying for This?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

So let’s say you Google “Janet Reilly” ‘n stuff these days. Here’s what you’ll get from the Googleplex:

See? As you might expect, you’ll see a “sponsored link” from Janet Reilly but also one from

Click on that, and you’ll get this, a one-page website that would be invisible to searchers but for Google getting money to make it the number 2 response:

Who are the Common Sense Voters, SF 2010?

Don’t know.

Who could it be now? Somebody who’s in the habit of using Piwik to measure web traffic, apparently.

My WAG, and View Source, after the jump


D2 Update: Jerry Hearts Janet – Attorney General Jerry Brown Endorses Janet Reilly for District Two Supervisor

Monday, October 18th, 2010

I was thinking that there might be a Clinton or Obama in the mix at this point, but, no matter, District Two candidate Janet Reilly has just scored Yet Another Endorsement.

Check it:

“Dear Friends,

Wow! We just received some very exciting news!
Today, Jerry Brown – CA Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate – announced his endorsement of Janet Reilly for District 2 Supervisor of San Francisco. A native San Franciscan and former District 2 resident, Brown cited Reilly’s proven track record of effective leadership and ability to work as a consensus builder. With just over two weeks left until Election Day, Brown’s endorsement comes at a crucial time for both candidates who are vying to win their respective seats.

“District 2 has a history of electing serious, qualified candidates who watch the city budget and promote responsible public policies,” said Attorney General Brown in his endorsement of Reilly. “Janet is exactly type of leader the city needs at this pivotal time, and she is the only candidate in the race who can point to a long list of real achievements that have bettered the lives of San Franciscans in direct and tangible ways.”
“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Attorney General Brown,” said Janet Reilly. “Jerry has been a steadfast public servant for 40 years as Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and as Mayor of Oakland. It is a thrill to have his support in my campaign for Supervisor. The city and state are both at a crossroads. We must use this opportunity to elect proven, experienced candidates like Jerry Brown if we’re to successfully confront the challenges we face.”
With only two weeks left, the finish line to Election Day is drawing near. To make it over successfully, we’re going to need you.

Please sign up to get involved. Walk with Janet; phonebank; or take a window sign.
We are so thankful to have your support – let’s finish strong!
Patrick Collum
Campaign Manager
Janet Reilly for District 2 Supervisor”

Janet’s Endorsements webpage is running out of space:

Elected Officials

  • U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
  • U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
  • San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom
  • California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton
  • San Francisco Democratic Party Chairman Aaron Peskin
  • U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier
  • U.S. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
  • U.S. Congresswoman Doris Matsui
  • California State Senator Mark Leno
  • California State Senator Leland Yee
  • San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris
  • California Assembly Member Fiona Ma
  • California Assembly Member Tom Ammiano
  • California State Controller John Chiang
  • Former SF Supervisor and City Attorney Louise Renne
  • Art Agnos, former Mayor, San Francisco
  • Frank Jordan, former Mayor, San Francisco
  • David Chiu, President, Board of Supervisors, San Francisco
  • Bevan Dufty, Board of Supervisors, San Francisco
  • Carmen Chu, Board of Supervisors, San Francisco
  • Jose Cisneros, Treasurer, San Francisco
  • Milton Marks, President, City College of SF Board of Trustees
  • Angela Alioto, Former President, SF Board of Supervisors
  • Leslie Katz, former Supervisor and SF Democratic Party Chair
  • Betty Yee, First District Member, State Board of Equalization


  • San Francisco Democratic Party
  • San Francisco Labor Council
  • San Francisco Firefighters, Local 798
  • San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs Association
  • Teachers Union, United Educators of San Francisco
  • BOMA SF – Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco
  • San Francisco Women’s Political Committee
  • San Francisco Young Democrats
  • Laborers’ Union, Local 261
  • Teamsters Union, Local 350
  • Carpenters Union, Local 22
  • Professional & Technical Engineers IFPTE, Local 21
  • Engineers & Scientists of CA IFPTE, Local 20
  • SEIU, Local 87
  • Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club
  • The Sierra Club
  • City Democratic Club of San Francisco
  • San Francisco for Democracy
  • San Francisco Tomorrow
  • BWOPA – Black Women Organizing for Political Action
  • San Francisco Irish-American Democratic Club
  • The Raoul Wallenberg Jewish Democratic Club
  • The Westside Chinese Democratic Club
  • Filipino American Democratic Club

D2 Update: Janet’s DiFi Party – Mark’s SF Chron Endorsement – Kat’s “Kat Chat” – Abe’s Candidate Profile

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Our Great White North is making the news. Let’s check in with those “cash cows,” by the numbers:

1. Janet Reilly‘s recent party with Dianne Feinstein last Thursday was a smash success. It probably looked a bit like this:


United States Senator Dianne Feinstein, Richard Blum, and Janet Reilly (photo by Drew Altizer)

Willie Brown is still all excited about it:

“In fact, Feinstein just had a fundraiser at her house for Reilly. If she actually gets out and walks for Reilly, the seat is Janet’s.”

O.K. then. (Wasn’t it WB who wrote off Jerry Brown’s chances just last month? Of course, his perdictions should always be taken with a grain (or two) of salt.  

2. The big news recently is that Mark Farrell got endorsed by the San Francisco Chronicle. See?

District 2: Farrell is voice of restraint.”

(Restraint? Are the other candidates wild-eyed pistol wavers/ who aint afraid to die?)

Anyway, he’s attending an average of more than one house party per dayuntil November 2nd.

3. Kat Anderson has started up “Kat Chat” – not really sure how it works, but I’m sure you can figure it out:

Live Kat Chat Schedule

Thursday – 10/21 @ 8 pm – click here to request invitation
Saturday – 10/23 @ 9 am – click here to request invitation
Thursday – 10/28 @ 8 pm – click here to request invitation
Saturday – 10/30 @ 9 am – click here to request invitation

An invitation will be emailed to you with details for attendance.  Past sessions and future dates will be announced via the website.  

Announcing Kat’s new Campaign HQ

Stop by Kat’s NEW Campaign HQ:

2326 Fillmore Street (between Clay and Washington)
San Francisco, CA 94115

Get Involved and Make your Voices Heard!  Volunteer Opportunities.

Please RVSP to or call (415) 439-0528, and let us know which events you will attend.  Thank you! 

Campaign for Kat Anderson for District 2 Supervisor 2010

2130 Fillmore Street #200

San Francisco, CA 94115

 4. Abraham Simmons has a new candidate profile up at SFGate. (Still no photo the last I checked, so I made a matching one myself:

“An attorney with a BS in Labor Relations, Abraham Simmons is most concerned with the issue of jobs and fiscal discipline in San Francisco. Simmons seeks to set new priorities, ensure the City gets value for every dollar spent and look into ways to jump-start new businesses.” 

O.K. then. Haven’t been in touch with Vilma Guinto Peoro or Barbara Berwick lately but Barbara, for her part, is the only candidate unafraid to give out secondary and ternary endorsements, her co-endorsements as some call them. Her second place endorsement goes to Mr. A. Simmons and her third place endorsement goes to both Ms. Kat Anderson and Ms. Janet Reiley.

And, oh yes in other news, D2 Democratic Club President Suki Kott is recruiting new members in the 94123. See?

And lastly, our Chronicle is out with candidate sketches for some others as well. Check it after the jump.


D2 Update: Janet Reilly Throws Down – Supports Caretaker Mayor Proposal for 2011 – Does NOT Support Peskin, AFAICT

Monday, October 11th, 2010

District Two Candidate Janet Reilly just did herself a biiiiiiiig favor by releasing a statement today about her choice for the next Mayor of San Francisco*

Read it yourself to see if this kills the idea (a conspiracy theory, of sorts) that she would clear the way for Aaron Peskin (or Some Other Supervisor, from the present or the recent past) to become Mayor. (IMO, this statement will serve to put this issue to bed, but, as always, You Make The Call.)

“Dear Friends,

If Mayor Newsom is elected Lieutenant Governor, he will vacate the Mayor’s office in January. Current policy calls for the sitting Board of Supervisors to appoint his successor. But some believe the decision will be made by the newly elected Board of Supervisors — of which I may be a member.
I have been asked how I would vote on this very important issue.
I would strongly support a true interim Mayor who pledges not to seek re-election to a 4-year term. The interim Mayor’s sole ambition should be to successfully steward the city until the people choose the next Mayor. I believe this person should be a senior statesperson or a non-partisan city official with unquestioned expertise and integrity. There may be others who have never been elected who would be suitable for the position.
In recent years, I have disagreed with the divisive politics of the Board. Therefore, if given the chance, I will not cast my vote for interim Mayor for any currently sitting or former Supervisor who has served with any member of the current Board. We need a caretaker Mayor who will guide San Francisco until voters choose long-term leadership in the November 2011 election. This should be a thoughtful decision.
The next mayoral election will give the city an important opportunity to chart its future. I think we need to let this debate take place without any one candidate enjoying the advantage of incumbency.
If I am elected and called upon to vote on this matter, I will vote “no” on any current member of the Board of Supervisors for interim Mayor, and I will also vote “no” on any past Supervisor who has served with any member of the current Board.
I would look for a moderate, custodian Mayor who will govern from the center for all San Franciscans.

Please visit my website at 


Janet Reilly”

IMO, this is a good move.

That’s your D2 Update for today.

Is D2 the “Ignored District?”

Maybe, I don’t know…

Anyway, one of these neighbors will be repping you soon:

Kat Anderson

Barbara Berwick

Mark Farrell

Janet Reilly

Vilma Guinto Peoro

Abraham Simmons

*Assuming Janet gets elected as Supervisor of District 2, and assuming Mayor Gavin Newsom gets elected as Lt. Governor, and assuming the current Board, for some reason (I don’t know how all this will play out, I don’t think it’s knowable at this point anyway), doesn’t make a decision before Janet takes office, she might have one vote of 11 when the Board of Supervisors picks Our Next Mayor in or after January 2011.

Raucous District 2 Forum – Melissa Griffin with Anderson, Farrell, Reilly, Simmons – Dogpile on Janet – Watch Video

Friday, October 8th, 2010

First thing you do is fire up the VidSF video of last week’s San Francisco Supervisorial District Two Forum, the Big One, the one hosted by the City Democratic Club, the San Francisco Young Democrats and the nascent District 2 Democratic Club.

While that’s cache-ing up, head on over to Matthew S. Bajko‘s bit in yesterday’s Bay Area Reporter. He nailed it.

And here’s the shorter version, from Mssrs. Matier und Ross:

“Then came Janet Reilly, who was in the cross-hairs all night, in part because of her endorsement by ex-Supervisor Aaron Peskin, who just might be maneuvering for the city’s top job. Reilly would say only that whomever she voted for as a board member would be “a very thoughtful choice” – earning her a long round of boos.”

Truth be told, I think it’d be fair to say that only half the audience boo’ed Janet.

Now, advance your video to 25:00 to see the action.

Kat, Mark, Janet, and Abe along with Melissa Griffin at the Golden Gate Yacht Club looking north across the bay to Marin County. Can you spot the four sharks* in this shot?

Click to expand

So, here’s what I learned:

1. Aaron Peskin doesn’t seem to be popular at all up in the Marina.

2. Apparently, the bulk of the audience thinks some deal has been struck that would somehow have Janet Reilly voting in Aaron Peskin as Mayor.

3. Janet Reilly considers herself the front-runner – so much so that she’s acting like an incumbent.

But watch the whole video, it’s not all that long, and then You Make The Call.

Now, just after this forum ended, de jure Janet Reilly Campaign Manager Patrick Collum sent out a message about how Janet was the “clear winner” of this forum.

I don’t know. The Reilly supporters I’ve chatted with the past week called this forum “a disaster” and a “debacle.” Stuff like, “Why couldn’t Janet just have said she’d vote for Rosenfield or whoever as caretaker Mayor?”

To be fair, Janet stated up front how she most likely will never get the chance to vote in anybody as Mayor.

And, it’s not immediately obvious how much the evening hurt her chances, or if she would have been better off blowingoff the whole thing.

Now, let’s let people weigh in on matters. Here’s former Mayor Willie Brown:

“Lots of eyes are watchingthis one. Someone spotted me having breakfast with Farrell the other day at the Hotel Vitale, and within half an hour, Clint Reilly – or Satan,as he is affectionately known by insiders – had left me a message to give him a call. I did, and got an earful for an hour about all that he and Janet had done for Alioto-Pier, including how they hosted her wedding party at their house.”


Let’s hear what Mark Farrell has to say – here are some of my notes of what he said after the big forum:

This debate highlighted a real problem for Janet because the person she intends to appoint as interim Mayor is one that District Two does not want. Appointing Aaron Peskin is not in line with the desires of the people in the district.The question of who gets appointed Mayor is becoming more and more a part of the dialog in all the Supervisor races. That’s what I’ve been hearing from the voters at the house parties I’ve been attending in the area. Supervisor Sean Elsbernd would be the best choice by far for interim Mayor, so he’d have my vote.

I’m in a dead heat with Janet now and this will be a true race to the finish line. I’m very excited with the way things are going. What I’m hearing from voters is that they’re looking for a candidate who’s from the neighborhood, one who has a relevant financial and business background.

I have 28 house parties scheduled before the election – I’m fortunate that people are willing to open their homes for a true grass roots campaign. That’s what will carry me over the finish line.

O.K then.

Now, let’s hear from Kat Anderson, who is looking forward to meeting more voters at the Pacific Heights Residents Association on October 19th. [And C.W. Nevius will be there and everything.]

How can a candidate who refused to answer a simple question in a race where opinions abound, and who was “booed” by the audience, declare herself the winner?  The forum was informative, as was the intent.  Not a matter of winners or losers.  Period.

For her part, park-friendly Kat is unafraid to make a stand. Check out her position on all the issues right here. And check out her new and improved website.

And I think she’s doing something for the Blue Angels in the Marina Maze tomorrow Saturday. Contact her office to find out a good location to hang out and get to know her campaign.

That’s all I have for now.

(Brace yourselves for Janet’s Next Big Endorsement coming up soon.)

*The four lawyers you see pictured are all very sharp, above average. Probably, they could each qualify for Mensa by merely forwarding their LSAT scores, no additional testing required. However, and this is tough for some of the candidates to realize, winning political office is nothing but a popularity contest, right? I mean, literally, that’s what it is. You don’t need to be a genius to Supervise D2, manifestly. Anyway, it’d probably be tough for anybody to swim in this shark tank…