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Come See the New Make Magazine MakerSheds at Frys Electronics

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Well, here it is, just in time for Christmas, Make Magazine MakerSheds at your local Fry’s Electronics, which is most likely the one in Palo Alto.


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So that’s something new under the Sun. Read all the deets, and a pitch for “TripGlasses,” right here:

“We’re ecstatic about the fact that we now have Maker Shed kiosks, with magazines, books, and electronics kits, in several California Fry’s stores. We think this is big news, not only for Maker Media, but for all indie makers — a major retail chain is now giving small kit-makers this level of exposure. And, we think it’s particularly cool that we designed and built these kiosks in-house, and even personally delivered them to the stores! What other publisher could claim that?

Here, Assoc. Publisher and General Manager of Maker retail, Dan Woods explains more:

Maker Shed kiosks are now installed in four of Fry’s largest superstores. Each kiosk merchandises current and back issues of MAKE, Make: Project books, and kits, with an emphasis on maker-made kits produced by indie makers like Limor Fried’s MintyBoost, Mitch Altman’s Brain Machine, Ken Murphy’s Blinky Bugs, Dale Wheat’s Tiny Cylon and Wee Blinky kits, and Amy Parness and Ariel Churi’s DIY Design Electronics kits. This indie maker angle was a really important selling point to Fry’s. The kiosk’s themselves are all-MAKE in their design and construction. The challenge was to create a merchandising/branding kiosk that could show off maker-made kits, as well as our books and magazines, all in a 2′ X 2′ footprint. The design we came up with incorporates the Maker Faire workbench framing as the internal structure, refurbished fence boards from West Sonoma, and some nicely weathered corrugated shed aluminum that was locally salvaged. The result is a nice combination of weathered shed and repurposed industrial tubing. They’re uniquely MAKE, and Fry’s is ecstatic. In fact, they were even trucked down and setup by Heather (Harmon-Cochran) and Rob (Bullington) in one day.

These are the stores that currently have kiosks. (San Diego will be set up by Fry’s staff next week)

San Diego, CA
9825 Stonecrest Boulevard
(858) 514-4500

San Jose, CA
550 E. Brokaw Road
(408) 487-1000

Fremont, CA
43800 Osgood Road
(510) 252-5300

Sunnyvale, CA
1077 East Arques Avenue
(408) 617-1300

The Maker Shed kiosks, designed and built with locally-sourced reuse materials, just popped up in Fry’s stores in San Jose, Fremont, Sunnyvale and San Diego this week.

The San Francisco based company, Cornfield Electronics is very happy to share in this expansion of the Maker Shed’s exposure and availability to a wider consumer audience. The TripGlasses™ will now be available alongside other fantastic electronics kits, magazines and books from MAKE Magazine’s signature store.
The TripGlasses™ are a light and sound machine that induces brainwaves to synchronize with the sequence of meditation (a process known as “entraining”). In a state of tranquil meditation, many users experience visual hallucinations of unique patterns and vibrant colors. The do-it-yourself version of the Trip Glasses™ is one of the most popular projects published in MAKE Magazine (Volume 10) and available through the Maker Shed.
Wonderful gifts for curiosity seekers, crafters, budding scientists and makers of all ages are now available at select California Fry’s stores. Let’s get making!