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The New, More Internet-Friendly KQED Covers the Proposed “Monster Hotel” (aka Lodge) of the Presidio

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

The big news of last night’s Presidio Trust Board of Director’s meeting was the debut of three new members, all appointed by President Barack Obama hisself.

The other news comes from the new, more Internet-friendly KQED. Here’s their take on the proposed “hotel-style lodge” (or is it a lodge-style hotel? Don’t know.):

(Oh yes, you Adobe Flash-haters / HTML 5-lovers should simply avert your gaze at that link. Sorry iPadders, email Steve Jobs or somebody if you can’t listen in…)

Can you hear all that, from area super-NIMBY David Bancroft, and from Presidio Hysterical Association President Gary Widman talking about “monster hotels,” and from Presidio Trust spokesperson Tia Lombardi  talking about how quiet the place is these days and how the Main Post needs to be a “more public place?”

For the record, this is what a “monster hotel” looks like, IRL. Just to give some needed sperpective, this joint is 50 times bigger than anything proposed at the Presidio:

Und here’s what we’re talking about, more or less, again IRL and not from some fretful NIMBY’s fever dream / nightmare. The boxes on the left are what I’m guessing the nascent proposal will be like:

Anyway, this ado will go on for years….

When NIMBYs Attack: Presidio Historical Association Fights Presidio Lodge, Theatre Tonight at 6:30 PM

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Oh, it’s on. It’s going to be on at our Presidio Trust‘s Board of Direcor’s meeting tonight at 6:30 PM.

Why, well it’s cause the Presidio Historical Association, area NIMBYs, and local business interests will  be on hand to object to anybody competing with existing lodging and entertainment purveyors outside of the Presidio. That’s why.

Now, this was the before and after for the lodge that was proposed a couple years back:

Do you think that the proposed buildings would have interfered with the historic Great Parking Lot of Northern San Francisco? I don’t, but the motel owners of Lombard Street didn’t like the idea one bit. We’ll have to wait and see how the new proposal for a lodge fares.

Same thing with the Main Post Theatre. This shot is from while ago but I’m sure the view of the moribund lobby is the same:

There are proposals to reopen this real Presidio Theatre with fewer seats than it had back in the day. But, again, that runs up against interests of those who own theatres outside of the Presdio. Oh well.

(Man, how the NIMBYs would squeal if all those thousands of horny military mens and womens came back to the Presidio to breath the air and clog up the streets. Wouldn’t that be a nightmare scenario, having those, those people in our hair again?)

Anyway, see you after the jump, where you can see the board’s agenda, the PHA’s POV and a statement from one of the District 2 Supervisor candidates.