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MUNI Promises to Deliver You to Fine Art at a “Fare” Price – CultureBus Now Truly Dead

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Check out MUNI’s latest slogan:

“MUNI: Delivering customers to fine art at a fare price.”

Get it? The fare is fair!

Now, remember the CultureBus? Didn’t it deliver “customers” to fine art as well? But wasn’t it like 400% more expensive than today’s inflated MUNI fare?

Yes it was.

Who came up with the idea for CB? Is this information lost to history already? Are we already on to newer New Ideas (most of which turn out Bad) and Improvements that aren’t?

Yes, yes we are. Will we ever get a post mortem for the CultureBus?

No, no we won’t.

Oh well.