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Three Shots of the Product of Drug Use on the Streets of San Francisco – From Manic to Depressive in a Third of a Second

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Just another manic-depressive Monday, on 7th street, just north of Market.

Look at me, look at my horse head:

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One-sixth of a second later:

One-sixth of a second later:

The former Mayor’s solution to this problem was to hire a campaign worker to start a campaign about Something-Connect. Then the former Mayor had sex with the campaign worker’s wife. ThingsĀ didn’t work out.

Anyway, this is what a cry for help looks like.

The Retro Sport of the Current Recession – Playing HooverBall in Golden Gate Park

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

They played Hoover Ball back in the Depression, so it’s only fitting that the kids of San Francisco are playing this volleyball-like game in 2009.

That’s not a volleyball, it’s a medicine ball!

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IMG_8030 copy

Heavy, man.