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After the Airbnb Fiasco, Mayor Ed Lee Says Diane Feinstein is Giving “Enthusiastic Support” to the Assembly Campaign of David Chiu

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Believe it or not, Mayor Ed Lee is saying that DiFi is giving “enthusiastic support” to the Assembly campaign of David Chiu. Check it:

“I am proud to join U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein … in giving David Chiu my enthusiastic support.”


P1160922 copy

Now IRL, here’s DiFi herself on President Chiu’s Airbnb legislation from October 20th, 2014:

Don’t hand San Francisco over to Airbnb

And now Willie Brown is suggesting that DiFi is already on the list of those who are “joining Leno” against Ed Lee?

I’m thinking no, DiFi’s residual support of David Chiu, if any, against David Campos sure aint “enthusiastic.”

Read the news and turn the pages. Moving on…

Hey, speaking of Airbnb, check this out, from San Francisco’s biggest corrupt non-profit org:

“On October 6, Supervisor Jane Kim’s persistence and the last-minute intervention of Mayor Ed Lee ensured that legislation legalizing tourist rentals in San Francisco will have teeth.”

The problem with this, or I should say just one problem with this, is that Ed Lee could have simply not signed the legislation, right? There was no need for any “intervention,” right?

I don’t know how seriously people take all these shenanigans. We’ll see, soon enough…

Know Your Legion of Honor Faberge Eggs: #8, the Kelch Rocaille

Friday, May 8th, 2009

The fantastic Artistic Luxury exhibit at the Legion of Honor Museum continues. Read all about it here and here.

But what about the Faberge Eggs? Here’s one from 1902: the Kelch Rocaille:

Click to expand

Currently it’s owned by FAMSF Board of Trustees President Diane B. “Dede” Wilsey, but let’s not forget about its history:

“When the wealthy Russian heiress Varvara Bazanova married cash-poor nobleman Nikolai Ferdinandovich Kelkh (also spelled Kelch) in 1892, she obtained a noble title and he obtained access to her money. When Kelkh died two years later, the heiress married Nikolai’s younger brother, Alexander.

The Kelch Rocaille Egg, made by Faberge in 1902, was one of a series of seven ostensibly bought by Alexander as a gift for his wife, but in truth paid for with her money.”

Rocaille means “rococo” – and this thing certainly is rococo a gogo, quite ornate it is. And this could be your last chance to see it for a while ’cause the expiration date for all the famous Faberge eggs as well as the entire show is May 31, 2009.

Eggs, precious eggs!

The San Francisco Bay Area Joins Statewide Opposition to Proposed Water Bond

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

California Senator Dianne Feinstein says it’s time for California lawmakers to put a water bond on the November ballot, but outfits like Clean Water Action and the Calfornia Coastkeeper Alliance rallied yesterday in opposition:

“Conservation and fishing groups representing over 180,000 Californians, including the California Coastkeeper Alliance, submitted a petitionto Governor Schwarzenegger and Senator Feinstein today and rallied at events throughout the state, calling for an end to the proposed $9.3 billion water bond, which is based heavily on ineffective and environmentally destructive dams.”

San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano says he doesn’t want to start his term in the Assembly, “telling mothers that their local school district is closing  so we can build a dam.” Fair enough.

CoastKeeper Alliance Executive Director Linda Sheehan and daughter Madeleine on the steps of City Hall yesterday:


Dianne’s point of view is expressed here. Of course, the whole thing is a little complex.

There’s still time this week to work out a compromise, it looks like.

Let’s hope.

Another Blockbuster Exhibition in San Francisco: Women Impressionists at the Legion of Honor

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Brace yourself for the latest museum blockbuster in San Francisco: Women Impressionists: Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, Eva Gonzalès, Marie Bracquemond over at the Legion of Honor Museum. It’s going to be huge.

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco helpfully note that although this foursome “did not form a cohesive sisterhood” (ala Le Sexe Dans La Ville, 2008), at least they “associated with each other and shared a desire to be taken seriously in the male-dominated art world of late-ninteenth-century France.” Cliquez sur pour augmenter:


You’ll also need to brace yourself for the retort major patron Diane B. Wilsey had for those critiques d’art who feel there have been too many “costume shows” around town over the past several years. Here’s what Dede had to say yesterday:

“Get over it!”


Well, O.K. then.

On a related note, can you guess what’s coming to town soon? YSL! Yes, we’ll be getting an exhibition featuring about 145 of Yves Saint Laurent’s best ensembles, in a collaboration with Fondation Pierre Berge Yves Saint Laurent in Paris and The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It will look a little something like this when it gets here.

And speaking of upcoming events, the latest iteration of the Cinema Supper Club, From the Golden Gate to the Silver Screen, starts up next month.

But let’s leave that for the future. Women Impressionists starts June 21, 2008.


Get your tickets here, unless the whole affair is too bourgy for you (as it might be for Kenneth Baker, but it’s hard tell what he thinks).

Visitor in Hat and Coat Holding Maltese Dog:


No matter, grab your hat and your Maltese and see you there!