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Corrupt Randy, Pugnacious Tony, and Taciturn Bill: City Family Shows at Leland Yee CCDC Presser

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Thank Gaia Wheezie gave me time off from the Help Center this week, else I would have missed the big Senator Leland Yee Central Subway press conference.

And look who was there. See ’em?

1. Taciturn Bill Barnes – Ed Lee for Mayor Campaign Manager

2. Pugnacious Tony Winnicker – Ed Lee for Mayor Campaign Spokesperson (Boy, you give him your money and he won’t just sit around – he’ll hit the streets to fight for you.)

3. Corrupt Randy Shaw – Dictator for Life, Tenderloin

4. Others

I don’t know, if Ed Lee held a news conference about alleged corruption involving the San Francisco “City Family,” would a bunch of Leland Yee for Mayor managers show up to coach the media on what questions to ask (mind you, this is during the press conference) and also listen closely to every last syllable? Maybe. I kind of doubt it though.

Anyway, all the deets are below, but there’s no satisfying ending to this one – you’ll have to cool your heels to wait for the response from City Hall.

Senator Yee is giving The Powers That Be* ’til the end of the week to start turning over documents.

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“Yee calls for sunshine into waste, fraud and abuse at CCDC – Says without full disclosure, Central Subway project could be threatened

SAN FRANCISCO – Senator Leland Yee, along with several city residents, today called on interim mayor Ed Lee to make public the details of all contracts for the past five years between the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA), city departments and Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC) regarding the Central Subway.

Today, Yee also submit public records requests for all correspondence between the Mayor’s office or the City Administrator’s Office and CCDC or powerbroker Rose Pak.

Yee’s request comes after the San Francisco Chronicle unveiled several instances of waste, fraud and abuse by the nonprofit, including charging taxpayers $750 an hour to attend project meetings, $578 per visitor for outreach, and $25,000 to host a single community meeting.

By comparison, city contracts show payment to other entities for meeting attendance does not come close to what was received by CCDC. In fact, one contract for the city’s Arts Task Force showed a charge of 80 percent less, at $125/hour.

On the steps of City Hall and using a “golden” chair to represent the exorbitant cost the City paid for CCDC to attending meetings, Yee said, “As a strong supporter of the Central Subway, I am very concerned that possible malfeasance may jeopardize this important project. We need to get to the bottom of this immediately and the interim mayor needs to give the public the facts about these contracts.”

Yee said he expects Lee to provide the public documents regarding the Central Subway by the end of the week, at which time he will consider further action

This is not the first time Yee has fought to disclose public documents. Yee has become one of the State’s staunchest open government advocates, and last year, Yee made national headlines when he demanded the release of Sarah Palin’s speaking contract at California State University. Subsequently, students found parts of the contract along with shredded documents in the administration’s Dumpster, and Californians Aware successfully won a lawsuit against the University to fully disclose the contract.”

*Have you seen this one from Anonymous,** via writer John Cote, from deep inside the CCDC itself?



**Somebody within the CCDC who doesn’t approve of its recent dealings, I’m forced to assume…

Lawgiver Randy Shaw, King of the Tenderloin, Grants His Vassals First Amendment Rights

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 (do taxpayers really pay five figures a year to fund this thing?) Editor and King of the Tenderloin Randy Shaw has a statement:

Artists have the freedom to create politically incorrect works that may generate public outrage.”

Whew! Thank Gaia for King Randy’s munificence!

Hey, Randy’s the greatest! That’s why the San Francisco Bay Guardian has awarded his joint “Best Local Website” three years running, or something:

All Hail King Randy.

But how he can stand living in a six-bedroom with just four bathrooms? Shouldn’t he have six bathrooms, you know, to match? Of course. Hey, maybe Randy’s good buddy The Nevius could start a campaign in the media or something – it would go like this:

“When handsome young Randy Shaw decided he couldn’t get by with just four bathrooms anymore, he decided to add-on to his East Bay mansion. But his dream has turned into a nightmare….”

Something like that.

But King Randy, don’t be going after poor Bill Sugaya for being ignorant.

We recently saw Planning Commissioner Bill Sugaya apologize for stating it would be good for a store to “sell drugs” in the neighborhood, a statement clearly made not in malice but in ignorance.”

Actually, Bill seems pretty up on things. Check it:

When (Commissioner Gwyneth) Borden wondered if Tip Top couldn’t sell something other than beer or wine, Sugaya cracked, “I guess he could sell drugs or something.”

Wow, context! Thanks, the Nevius! You see, Sugaya thought it noteworthy that he was dealing with a bunch of NIMBYs who don’t seem to be aware of their own neighborhood. So Sugaya made a crack in malice but not in ignorance.

But otherwise, you’re perfect King Randy. Tell us again about what happened on Turk Street back when my Grandmother was just a little girl. Tell us again about how the crime rate in the Mission is four times higher than in the Tenderloin. Tell us again about which blocks of which streets make up your territory. (Please be exact, because place names never, ever, ever change or evolve, oh no!)

Hey King Randy, why not write about how great the Tenderloin is every freaking day?