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District Five Meltdown: Supervisorial Candidates Hope Johnson and Andrew Resignato Decry Mailers, Door Hangars

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

As well they should.

Check it out, below.

“You’ve probably noticed an incredible volume of political paper mailers and door hangers in your mailbox and doorway, and littering the street.  These environmentally unfriendly campaign practices have become the norm for political campaigns in San Francisco.  It’s yet another example of our political leaders disregarding calls from voters to develop better, greener, and less obtrusive ways of reaching out to voters. 

Our campaigns listened to the residents of District 5 and have not distributed any paper mailers or door hangers, instead reaching voters by e-mail, phone, and in person while walking around the neighborhood.  District 5 Supervisor candidate Andrew Resignato has created reusable campaign material and challenged the other candidates in the race to abandon door hangers for more sustainable, less obnoxious ways to reach voters. 

By saying no to tired, paper-based campaign tactics like door hangers both our campaigns are walking the walk of sustainability and changing the political status quo.  This is the change we intend to bring to City Hall.  We need leaders with vision, not the same tired political playbooks. 

Please use ranked choice voting and cast your votes for The People’s Ticket, Hope Johnsonand Andrew Resignato, for Supervisor if you want your elected representative to listen to the people, not political consultants and power brokers.  We are asking you to use two of your three votes and vote Johnson / Resignato or Resignato / Johnson as your first and second votes.  By voting for us you will send a message to the political establishment that we need real change at City Hall. 

Thank you. 

Hope Johnson for District 5 Supervisor