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ATMs of the “Up and Coming” “NoPA District” in the Western Addition

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Oh, here’s one.

As seen on Divisadero, on the same block as the Popeye’s Chicken:

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Keep on chasing those rainbows, area real estate interests.

So many NIMBY meetings to attend, so little time…

OMG, the New “Google Offers” from Google is Just Like GroupOn, Except It’s for Places You Like: 50% Off of Little Star Pizza!

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Remember back in the day, when Little Star Pizza had a GroupOn type of 50% off deal?

Well, that one didn’t last long – sold out with a quickness.

But now, a similar deal is back, courtesy of Google Offers.


Note that this if for Early Birds only, so you’ll need to be seated by 6:30 PM. (Little Stars are busy enough during prime-time dinner hours already, right?)


Also, Hurry! As this deal won’t last long.

So far, all of the other deals offered by Google Offers since it began in San Francisco have been good as well.

Like this:

Now, you know Little Star, right?

Western Addition 846 Divisadero St.

Mission District 400 Valencia St.

Albany 1175 Solano Ave

(Little Star is now in Albany? Wonder what the Zachary’s people think of that?)

Bon Courage Google Offers!

Bon Courage Peu D’Etoile!

Western Addition House Loses a Front Yard But Gains a Garage for Tout le Monde to See – Hurray!

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

This place wins the most-tacked-on-looking-garage award for 2011.

(I’ll have to check and see where the stairs lead to now – it looks like an M. C. Escher subject at this point, IMO.)


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Now, a scrappy kid called Nicolas Kim Coppola (aka Nic Cage) took a different approach back 15 years ago. Check out his tacked on garage monstrosity at 1945 Franklin.

In conclusion, rich people in San Francisco just loooooooooove car garages – they just can’t get enough of them.

It Begins: Flat Rate Evening Parking Comes to the NoPA Part of the Western Addition

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Wow, flat-rate evening parking comes to Divisadero Street.

Now the “DivCo” (srsly, “Divisadero Corridor”) can hold its head high with other hoods what have signs like this – you know, North Beach, SoMA, La Mision, etc.

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Check Out This Light Pole in the Western Addition: The SFPD Sees All and Hears All, Looks Like

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

As seen on Scott Street near the Divco / NoPA / Alamo Square area.

How many detectors / transceivers / ShotSpotters / etc. can you count?

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Of course the cops from other locales laugh at our low-tech anti-crime cameras, but oh well…

Have a Graffiti Artist Paint Your Business and Then the Taggers Will Leave You Alone, Or Something Like That

Friday, February 18th, 2011

See how the Code of the Street works here? The Taggers of the DivCo in the lands north of the EaPA won’t lift their legs on Someone Else’s Art, the thinking goes.

But that doesn’t stop them from tagging the rest of your bidness, in’nt?

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That’s what we call a Pyhrric Victory or something, right?

Family Cleaners – 3Hr Service No Extra Charge – Our Victorian Schoolhouse – Fella and Farfella

Friday, February 18th, 2011

What does it all mean?

As seen North of the EaPA on the DivCo, the locus of NIMBY:

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I Sure Hope Captain Chesley Sully Sullenberger Gets Paid for this Ad that the Examiner Runs All the Time

Monday, October 4th, 2010

But it could be that he don’t get nothing, owing to the fact that this is a news photo, right? I don’t know.

The floating Airbuses of the Hudson tidal estuary:

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Oh, I just looked up what VALUES.COMThe Foundation for a Better Life is all about. O.K. fine. (Actually, I thought it was going to be like the E-Harmony dating service or something. Srsly.)

It turns out to be yet another lecture from Colorado, of all places, to San Francisco about, of all things, “values.”

(Click on the links and you’ll see how San Francisco’s very own C. Montgomery Burns imposes his values on the 415 from afar.) 

(And I’ll spare you the deets about how you, or if you prefer, the Federal Treasury, same thing, pay for half of whatever this 501(c)(3) VALUES entity does.)

O.K. fine.

Free-flowing booze, nudity, DoOds kissing DoOds, freak flag-flying, fun in the sun – all from back before some billionaire, the A in AEG, bought the Bay to Breakers event and those NIMBY millionaires moved into greater Western Addition (aka Hayes Valley, Alamo Square, the NoPA, the EaPA, the SoPA, the DivCo, etc…)

Ragazza Pizzeria Opens Tonight at 311 Divisadero, But You Already Knew That, Right?

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Ragazza opens tonight, as if you didn’t already know.

I can’t tell you anything more than what’s in this amazingly detailed report from Andrew Dudley other than oven temperature for the pies – it’s a surprisingly low 575 degrees. (I must have been on the same tour the same day.)

And it’s five-star rated already, even before opening…

Bon Courage, Ragazza!

FRI-SAT 5 – 10:30PM


PHONE 415.255.1133

Sunday Streets Western Addition 2010 a Moderate Success in the Western Addition

Monday, September 20th, 2010

The turnout at Sunday Streets Western Addition 2010 was affected a bit by the soggy weather, but oh well. 

DPW set up a place on Fillmore where you could tag legally.

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Fillmore Street had the biggest crowd:

OTOH, Japantown was a ghost town and on Golden Gate, it was hard to tell that there was a Sunday Streets going on at all.

Golden Gate Avenue pretty much served as a connector betwixt the eastern Western Addition and the western Western Addition – the Chairman Bao truck was the only draw. Where’s WaldoThornly?


Rizzo! (Avec aide Tom Taylor.)


Walgreens! (Avec UCSF pharmacy students doing health screenings – Walgreen swag is always the best, BTW…)

I don’t think the grassy Panhandle was prepared to deal with both rain and the heavy traffic – a muddy mess was the result. (I says to myself, early on, I says, “Man, that’s going to get muddy.)

Having the route go up and down Fillmore turned out better than the original plan of using Steiner. (By the way, Steiner is an awesome alternative to using Fillmore on an everyday basis, whether you’re driving or riding.)

Speaking of the route, it’d probably be better to have fewer choices on which way to go. Seems as if there was a big effort to make sure all sorts of places were included.

So that’s SS WA 10. See you next year!