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African Antelope Art vs. Ying and Yang: How to Tell if You’re on the Fillmore or Japantown Side of the Geary Expressway

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

This is the art on the south side of the Geary Expressway near Webster (the street that’s waaaaaaay too wide in this part of town):

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And this is the yin and yang art (not necessarily Japanese per se but it’s recognizably Eastern and you got to think like a Redeveloper dividing up neighborhoods and Peoples back in the day) on the opposite side at the start of Japantown:

Or, in other words, black people over here and Asian people over there.

(Oh, and groove on the concrete. Concrete was the thang back in the 1960’s. And oh, the vast majority of J-Town is earthquake deficient by today’s standards. Thanks, Redevelopment – that’s a nice legacy for future generations to deal with.)

I don’t know, this artwork probably wasn’t the best choice, considering the history of Redevelopment in the 415.

Just saying, Bro.