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This Expensive Tesla Model S Lacks a Front License Plate, Yet It’s Legal – One Simple Trick

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

So a certain kind of person doesn’t like front license plates, even though Cali is a Front License Plate State. Why, because it mars “the look” of their Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and/or Tesla. You know some of these people, Gentle Reader. I guarantee it.

Anyway, a subset of this group this is the cohort what takes years to put on their rear license plates, because, IDK, freedom? Because they don’t want to pay bridge tolls? Because they don’t want their, uh, affairs looked into by pesky family attorneys down the road? Because they want their rides to appear “brand new?” IDK.

And a subset of that group are those who drive around without plates but with an 11-99 CHP Foundation / Please Don’t Cite Me For Speeding Because I’m One Of The Good Guys license plate holder.

So that was the wind-up and now here’s the pitch. What kind of illegal behavior is this?

IMG_6204 copy

Surprise! An MFG plate, for MANUFACTURING. And that means that Tesla can send out prototypes or whatever without an FLP

IMG_6205 copy



vehicle manufacturers license platevehicle manufacturers license platevehicle manufacturers license plate

vehicle manufacturers license platevehicle manufacturers license platevehicle manufacturers license plate

Exclusions: Cannot be used on service vehicles. Only one plate is required on the vehicle.

Statutory Authority: §§9262, 11715

Nice and legal.


Abandoned Divorce Kit Proves Romance is Still Alive in San Francisco

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

You know, sometimes things get rocky and you might buy something on the spur of the moment, but then it turns out you don’t need it and everything’s going to work out.

And then you say, “Baby, let’s stay together forever. I’m going to recycle this thing right now.” So you take it down to the sidewalk in front of your place and abandon it

Photo_101109_012 copy

Then you go down to NOPA restaurant to see if they can squeeze you in at 11:45 PM.

That’s how we roll in the 415.

Catching Up with Robin Wright Penn – The Private Lives of Pippa Lee Opens October 23rd

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Well, looky here – bay area local Robin Wright Penn is making the news because she’s making movies, which is probably how it should be. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee should be opening by the end of the month.

Look at RWP, up on the catwalk in black leather with Keanu Reeves on the press tour:

Private+Lives+Pippa+Lee+Premiere+Toronto+International+qB7QcdIIUkVl copy

Keanu looks interested in “Pippa”…

920_9 copy

…but she’s already connected with… Alan Arkin!

articl copy

Let’s flashback to the 1970’s when Robin’s character gets played by Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively 


And what’s this? Disco-era spanky panky with Julianne Moore?


I was alive in the 1970’s but I don’t remember underwear looking like that. (How about the 1940’s instead?)

And Petaluma girl Winona Ryder is in this thing too?

Oh my.