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Recruitment Ad: SFPD Officer Starting Salary in 2012 is $88,842-$118,898 Per Year – Yowzer

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Here’s your proof:

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And that’s before benefits and the double-dipping…

Is this the highest starting salary for a 21 year-old cop anywhere in the world?


The SFPD Union Wants More Money for San Francisco Cops, So Here Come the Billboards and YouTube Videos

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Here’s the big brand-new billboard from the San Francisco Police Officers Association. See?

You can check it out it at the Masonic Trader Joe’s from atop the Geary Tunnel:

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Now I think the SFPOA’s old slogan was “Double Dipping 4 Ever – It’s Our Way of Life.” But, as you can see, it’s now, “THEY WORK TO MAKE YOUR DAY.”

Get it? “Make your day?” I get it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!. You so cray-cray Gary Delagnes! (But hey Gare-Bear, do the Warner Brothers know what you’re doing with their Dirty Harry catchphrase? Just asking, Bro.)

Anywho, here it is on the YouTube. I think it’s entitled “More Money for Us, Less Money for You.”

What’s coming up next week from this campaign? These are my guesses:

“Here are six different reasons why Public Defender Jeff Adachi totally sucks.”


“Give us more money or everybody dies.”

All right, SFPD. Get out there and Make My Day!

SFMR11: Columnist Ken Garcia on Double Dipping – Even If You Agree With Him You Can’t Really Agree With Him

Friday, March 4th, 2011

(Hey, remember back when those ne’er-do-well Catholic school bully boys broke somebody’s jaw and then got “railroaded” despite Ken Garcia’s attempts to smooth things over? And then they apologized, leaving KG hanging out to dry, blowing in the wind. Good times.)

Let’s see here, check it and come back.

1. After KG wakes up each morning, how many seconds pass before he starts pining for his very own seat at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors? I’d say about five. Heh. (You know, there’s been talk…)

2. And all this stuff about double-dipping – aren’t the  campaigns, failed and successful, of sainted former Mayor Gavin Christopher Newsom the ne plus ultra of “double-dipping?” Hells yes. But has there been any criticism of GCN from KG on this score over the years? Nope. Consistent much, KG?  Minus ten points for Slytherin.

3. Now, why on Gaia’s Green Earth should we subsidize people running for election? I mean, if you can swing it, if you can make a decent run, why wouldn’t you run for Mayor? Already, you’re using Other Peoples’ Money and then with the govmint kicking in more so that you can post your name and face all over the place, well, isn’t that a pretty sweet deal, whether you have a ghost of a chance of winning or not? So, yes, the voters who rubber-stamped public financing made a mistake. Fine, plus two for Slytherin House. D’accord.

4. And hey Ken, did you know that the Academy Award election for Best Motion Picture now uses Ranked Choice Voting? Get with the times, old man. Society benefits from RCV – read up on it if you get the chance, if you want….

Not too late to fix your column, KG.

Until next time…